You Have an Educational Philosophy Either Formed Accidentally or Fashioned Intentionally

Educational Philosophy is essentially a response to two fundamental questions: ⁣

1️⃣ What is a Person? ⁣
2️⃣ How Do Persons Learn? ⁣

When these questions are answered thoughtfully and thoroughly, the foundation of one’s philosophy has been built and upon that essential foundation the bricks of philosophy can continue to be laid year after year. ⁣

This foundation affords the freedom to build without fear in the knowledge that the bricks of philosophy can always be remodeled, repurposed, or even sometimes demolished and reconstructed. ⁣

The principles, practices, and methods (each distinct in their nature and their application) that one adopts and then tweaks, pivots from, adjusts, develops, and fleshes out over time become the mortar between the bricks of personally created and thoughtfully constructed philosophy. ⁣

Philosophy is built in both the thinking and the doing, as theory informs life and life informs theory, but it finds its origins in the thoughtful and intentional investment of questions asked and answered by the educator. ⁣

Questions such as: ⁣

❓ What is required of me? ⁣

❓ What was my personal learning experience? (And am I rebelling against it or defaulting to it?) ⁣

❓ What have I observed? ⁣

❓ What do I instinctually know? ⁣

❓ What resonates with me? (And Why?) ⁣

❓ What have I reasoned? ⁣

❓ What am I aiming for? ⁣

❓ What will “success” look like? ⁣

❓ What matters most? ⁣

❓ What am I doing and do I know why I’m doing it? ⁣

❓ How am I pursuing my aims? ⁣

The fact is, educational philosophy is built on some sort of foundation, whether accidental and haphazard or intentional and thoughtful. ⁣

You can not carry out the work of education without making either conscious or unknowing philosophical choices. ⁣

💡In my Art and Craft of Educational Philosophy Course, I discuss the process of building your educational philosophy intentionally including these questions and why they each matter individually and also collectively. ⁣

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