2023 Curriculum Choices

 Note 1:

Each year, I give a detailed plan of our schedule and our chosen resources. 

Our 2020 schedule and resources can be found here, our schedule and resources from 2021 can be found here , and our resources from 2022 can be found here

In addition, you can find free printables of my 2021 and 2022 schedules here

We begin each school year in January, but I choose resources and plan for the following year well in advance. So, I have made our choices for 2023 and will share them below. 

Note 2: 
I hold to Charlotte Mason's principles, but I apply her practices with my own wisdom and discernment. I love her, but I don't idolize her, and I believe her principles and practices provide us with both a foundation for education based upon personhood and also with great freedom. 

I use a variety of resources, and I both choose and avoid resources based upon their quality, merit, approach to education and personhood, and my needs....not upon how high they would rank with the "Charlotte Mason Police". ;) So, if you see a resource that surprises you, assume that I am using it according to Mason's principles, and feel free to ask any questions whatsoever! 

2023 Curriculum and Book Choices: 
8th and 4th Grade

Group Lessons 


Combining parts of Story of the World Volume 3 and Story of the World Volume 4

Adventures in the Sea and Sky from Winter Promise 

The Story of Britain by Patrick Dillon 


Cultural Studies 

What I Believe:  A Young Person's Guide to the Religions of the World 

Term 1- Langston Hughes
Term 2-  Walt Whitman and Paul Laurence Dunbar 
Term 3- J. Patrick Lewis (various volumes) 

Term 1- Lang's Around the World 
Term 2- Classic Fairy Tales (Grimms and Anderson) 
Term 3- Fairy Lore of the World  from Little World Wanderers 

Delighting in Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream  
We do this at School With Friends with a group of all ages and take it slowly. 

Word a Day Intermediate

Group Math 
Go Figure! A Totally Cool Book About Numbers
Math Vocabulary for Elementary Students
Understanding Economics
Life of Fred: Farming
Visual Math Dictionary 
Plus, Assorted Picture Books/Reference Books 
Games- Assorted 

Term 1: Circles 
Term 2: Angles/Triangles
Term 3: Estimation 

Personal Finance:
Managing Your Money 


Studio Art :
Color is Everything

Picture Study 
Term 1-  Matisse 
Term 2-  Braque
Term 3-  Georgia O'Keefe 
All Year- Exploring Modern Art 

On Stage: Theatre Games and Activities for Kids
Paper Quilling


Hymn Study
Happy Hymnody Rotation 

Folk Songs 
Term 1- Fish in the Sea (Delightfully Feasting Folk Songs Study) 
Term 2- Blow the Man Down (DF Study) 
Term 3- Wellerman (DF Study)

Composer Study
Term 1- Debussy (Using Delightfully Feasting Debussy Study)
Term 2- Stravinsky (Using Delightfully Feasting Stravinsky Study) 
Term 3- Holst (Using Delightfully Feasting Holst Study) 

Music Theory
Forte! Music of Invention from Growing Gardenside 

Term 1- Sing Solfa Unit 4
Term 2- Sing Solfa Unit 5 
Term 3- Sing Solfa Unit 6 

Swan Lake from Little World Wanderers 
For Ballet I Also Use: 
A Child's Introduction to Ballet
The Barefoot Book of Ballet Stories
The Orchard Book of Stories From the Ballet
101 Stories of the Great Ballets

Christian Studies 

Memory Work
Romans 8 
Attributes of God
Truths About the Word of God

Term 1: Foundations of Faith from Not Consumed 
Term 2: The Character of God from the Daily Grace Co 
Term 3: The Story of the Bible From A-Z from the Daily Grace Co 

Evangelism: Children Around the World from the Daily Grace Co

Natural History and Science 

Special Studies
Nature Calendar 
Monthly Forest School Meetings 

Other Subjects 

Art Journals (daily)
Daily Workbooks 

How to be an Inventor

Psychology for Kids
Growth Mindset from Khan Academy 
Plus, assorted videos, etc 

Computer Science: 
Common Sense Digital Citizenship

Career Studies: 
So You Want to be a Chef
I Like Space...What Jobs Are There? 
Interviews With Entrepreneurs from Khan Academy 

Individual Lessons 



4th Grade: Loops and Tails: Cursive
9th Grade: Loops and Tails: Blackletter

Language Arts
4th Grade: 
Stories to Short Chapters from Winter Promise 
Explode the Code
Anton ELA 

8th Grade:
Everything You Need to Ace English in One Big Fat Notebook 
Editor in Chief: Book 3 
Wordly Wise Book 7
Middle School Literature Survey from Redefining School 
Anton ELA


4th Grade:
Anton & Khan Academy

8th Grade:
Everything You Need to Ace Math in One Big Fat Notebook 
Khan Academy 

Both Boys: Courses from Code.org 

8th Grade: 
The Thinking Toolbox
Traditional Logic 1 from Memoria Press 

4th Grade: 
Another Logic Workbook for Gritty Kids
Grids for Kids

8th Grade Lessons 

Painless American Government & Voices of the American Past Volume 2
Current Events- various sources 
Plutarch: Life of Ceasar 

Middle School Earth and Space Science from Khan Academy 

Life Skills 
Life Skills for Teens
Teenagers: Preparing for the Real World
Foundations from Easy Peasy (begin course to continue next year) 

Summer Break Learning 
Toy Story Film Study from Kids Learning for Life 
The Water Guide from Brighter Day Press 

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