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      After being a Charlotte Mason student for years, deciding to fully embrace both the principles and the method with my own children, and continually developing a life long passion for Charlotte Mason and her timeless homeschooling wisdom, I have seized the day and made a business out of my passion for sharing the Charlotte Mason method with others. I hold Charlotte Mason training events, write about my endless Charlotte Mason research and provide consulting services to homeschooling mothers seeking to implement Charlotte Mason truths and practices into their homeschooling days.

     My goal is to equip each homeschool to have delightful days feasting on all that God provided for us not only to learn, but to intensely love to learn. Life long learners, with a wide knowledge of the world, man, and God is the goal in every Charlotte Mason home, and I have made it my life's work to guide homescooling mothers out of their comfort zones and into days of delight. I provide 2-3 hour phone consultations, during which I get to know you and your homeschooling heart and share with you what Charlotte Mason has in store to make your days delightful and your homeschool a widespread feast. I discuss Charlotte Mason, one piece at a time, and assist you in finding the best way to implement what you learn into your days. Following the phone call, I put together resource lists, lesson plans templates, suggestions and more; specifically and personally designed for you. You are also invited to email me back and forth throughout your homeschool year, to assist in implementing or altering any suggestions given.

     I have a passion for making your days less about checking boxes and more about lighting the fires of the minds of your children, and I spend much time praying about and pondering every suggestion given. I have come to realize that my most precious gift, given by God to bless others, within this Charlotte Mason business of mine, is the ability to see the pieces of a Charlotte Mason education as a puzzle, and to be able to fit that puzzle into the life before me in the way that works for the family that it is meant to serve. Your consultation documents will include a suggested schedule and lesson plan template, that will be carefully constructed to work for you and your family. You will be equipped to spread a feast of over 20 subjects within 3 hours a day, and that is my gift, from my heart to yours. May your days always be spent delightfully feasting....

First Time, One Time, Yearly Consultations:
(Includes up to 3 Hour Phone Call, Consultation Documents, and Ongoing Support)
(**After 3 Hours, the rate for each additional hour is $20)
Single Subject Consultations:
(Includes One Hour Phone Call Covering One Subject, and Ongoing Support)
Early Years Consultations:
(Includes 2 Hour Phone Call Covering Charlotte Mason's Methods for Children Under 6)

To Schedule a Consultation, 
Call or Text: 281-761-8384

What Customers Are Saying:
 Wow!!! Goodness gracious my heart and mind are overflowing! I spent almost three hours on the phone talking about Charlotte Mason and it felt like 30 minutes. I am so excited about feasting on the riches with my children. EVERYONE that is interested in this way of teaching should have a consultation!! I won mine but knowing what I now know, I would pay any price. I can't wait to start this wonderful way of learning!! Thank you so much you are amazing!!!

 Thank you, Crystin for the Charlotte Mason consultation! It was a pleasure speaking to someone who "gets it" and is passionate about the child as a whole. I highly recommend getting a consult from her if you're looking into starting a curriculum for your child(ren). The more we know, the better decisions we can make, and Charlotte Mason is a wonderful method that we can all incorporate. Thanks again, Crystin!!

 I just want to take a moment to echo what everyone else has said about Crystin's consultations. They a word....tremendous! I've thoroughly enjoyed the information in her posts on this page ,and the retreats are full of valuable information and resources as well. The consultation is the glue that brought everything together for me. I had a lot of bits and pieces in my mind about CM that I was excited about, but struggling to put together to form the big picture. Crystin did that for me in a very individualized, professional and thoughtful way. I would HIGHLY recommend her consultations! They are a steal at the price she is charging! Thank you so much, Crystin!

 THANK YOU for my consultation!! I feel so much more confident in planning next year to be a lovely "feast" for my girls. Your advice and guidance is so appreciated!!! Thank you, my friend!


  1. Dont know why is is showing my hubby fro my phone... anyway, I want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart and I hope to get to meet you as you live just down the street from where I grew up. Praying blessings upon blessing upon you and your family as you encourage so many in this wonderful way of life-long education.

    1. I would absolutely, positively LOVE to meet you! Thank you so much for your prayers, as they are cherished. I truly love sharing this way of life and learning, and I covet every prayer I can get while doing so. <3


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