2022 Curriculum Choices

Note 1:
Each year, I give a detailed plan of our schedule and our chosen resources. 

Our 2020 schedule and resources can be found here, and our schedule and resources from this year can be found here (although if you compare that list to the following one, you will see that I made changes as a homeschool mom is apt to do) ;). 

We begin each school year in January, but I choose resources and plan for the following year 6 months in advance. So, I have made our choices for 2022 and will share them below. 

Note 2: 
I hold to Charlotte Mason's principles, but I apply her practices with my own wisdom and discernment. I love her, but I don't idolize her, and I believe her principles and practices provide us with both a foundation for education based upon personhood and also with great freedom. 
I use a variety of resources, and I both choose and avoid resources based upon their quality, merit, approach to education and personhood, and my needs....not upon how high they would rank with the "Charlotte Mason Police". ;) So, if you see a resource that surprises you, assume that I am using it according to Mason's principles, and feel free to ask any questions whatsoever! 

2022 Curriculum and Book Choices: 
7th and 3rd Grade

Group Lessons 


Westward Expansion - Civil War 
We will be using the Book suggestions, some of the discussion questions, and a few of the additional activities and resources provided for both the Westward Expansion plans and the Civil War plans (spending about 1 1/2 terms on each). 

Ancient: Greece and Rome/ Aztecs and Mayans 
The Mystery of History Volume 1
(Weeks 13-35) 
We will be covering Ancient History for only two terms, and covering Texas History for a term instead of Ancient History. 

Readers and Supplements- 
Tools of the Ancient Greeks 
Tools of the Ancient Romans 
Explore Ancient Greece 
Explore Ancient Rome 
Good Old Days on the Farm

Term 1- American Barns 
Barns and Barns Photo Book

Term 2- Greek Structures and Artifacts 
The Stuff They Left Behind Portfolio: Ancient Greece 

Term 3- Roman City 

Term 1- Famous Men of Greece 
Term 2- Julius Caesar Landmark Book (out of print, must find used)
Term 3- Famous Men of Rome 

Historical Culture 
All About Archeology (1 day each week) 
The American Farm Tractor (1 day each week) 

Term 1- Delighting in the World Volume 2: National Parks (not yet released) 
Term 2-Draw Mexico, Central and South America 
Term 3- Delighting in the World Volume 3: New York (not yet released) 


Copywork and Group Grammar
Wheelers Graded Studies (public domain) 

Term 1- Greek Myths / Caddie Woodlawn 
Term 2- Roman Diary / The Bears on Hemlock Mountain 
Term 3- Children's Homer / Bull Run 

Term 1- NM Bodecker 
Term 2- Longfellow 
Term 3-Maya Angelou 

Term 1- A Child's Introduction to Norse Mythology
Term 2- Delighting in Tale and Song Volume 3: Sleeping Beauty (not yet released) 
Term 3- TBD 

Delighting in Shakespeare: Hamlet (not yet released) 
We will use this all year rather than for a term like it is written.
We do this with a group and slow it way down. 

Word a Day Intermediate

Family Time Math (one day each week) 
Your Business Math (1 day each week) 
Elementary Geometry (1 day each week)

Stories- Number Stories of Long Ago (one day each week)
Games- Assorted 


Studio Art 
(we are using this during Term 3 of 2021, so in 2022 we will complete Year 3 and move on to Year 4) 

Picture Study 
Term 1- Picasso 
Essential Artists Picasso 
Masters of Art Picasso 
Picasso and the Girl With a Ponytail 

Term 2- TBD: Whichever artist is next from The Art of Color Study 

Term 3- Rembrandt 
Picture Study Portfolio

Term 1- Cooking 
Using this Free Printable Plan for Nourishing Traditions Cookbook for Children 
Term 2- Printmaking 
Term 3- TBD 


Hymn Study
Term 1- In Christ Alone/Amazing Grace 
Heritage Hymns

Term 2- Holy, Holy, Holy/When I Survey the Wondrous Cross 
Delighting in Hymns Volume 3 (not yet released) 

Term 3- Down at the Cross/Immortal, Invisible God Only Wise 
Heritage Hymns 

Folk Songs 
Term 1- Swing Low Sweet Chariot (using DF Folk Songs Schedule and the internet) 
Term 2- Fair Rosa (using Delighting in Tale and Song Volume 3- not yet released) 
Term 3- When I First Came to This Land (using DF Folk Songs Schedule and the internet) 

Composer Study
Term 1- Bach (Using DF Bach Composer Study
Term 2- Gershwin (Using DF Gershwin Composer Study- not yet released) 
Term 3- Mozart (Using DF Mozart Composer Study)

Music Theory
Term 1- Music at Home Musicianship Unit 2 
Term 2- Delighting in Hymns Volume 3
Term 3- Music at Home Musicianship Unit 3 
Term 1- Solfa Sofa Unit 3
Term 2- Sing Solfa Unit 3 
Term 3- Sing Solfa Unit 4 

Term 1- Swan Lake 
Term 2- Sleeping Beauty 
Term 3- Coppelia 
For Ballet I Use: 
A Child's Introduction to Ballet
The Barefoot Book of Ballet Stories
The Orchard Book of Stories From the Ballet
101 Stories of the Great Ballets

Christian Studies 


Memory Work
Romans 8 and Catechism 

Church History
Trial and Triumph 

Natural History and Science 

Special Studies
Delighting in Animals: Endangered and Extinct 
Delighting in Creation: Wildflowers (not yet released) 
Delighting in the Universe: Our Solar System (not yet released) 

Natural History 
A Shared Wonder: Birds and Weather
(we are using this in 2021 as well, and I slowed it down to stretch it for two years and read more of the suggested books) 

Learning With Friends Bundles
Term 1: Biology Bundle 
Term 1: Weather Bundle 
Term 3: Chemistry Bundle 

Noeo Biology 2
(we are using this in 2021 as well, but we needed to slow it down and stretch it across 2 years) 

Daily Nature Calendar 
Monthly Forest School Meetings 

Technology and Other 

Computer Science 
Computer Science Unplugged

Art Journals (daily)

Hand Clapping Fun

Individual Lessons 



7th Grade: The HEV Project Cursive and (continue) The Good and the Beautiful Level 6
3rd Grade: The Good and the Beautiful Level 2

3rd Grade: 
Treasure Hunt Reading (finishing up Journey 2 and completing Journey 3) 
Learning Language Arts Through Literature: Red Book 

7th Grade:
Learning Language Arts Through Literature Purple Book 
Editor in Chief: Book 3 


3rd Grade:
Plain and Not So Plain Level 4
Plus- Life of Fred, Anton, and some bits of MEP 

7th Grade:
Plain and Not So Plain Level 6 
Hands on Banking
Plus-Life of Fred, Khan Academy, and some bits of MEP 

Career Exploration 

3rd Grade: Academy Series
Pilot, Chef, Doctor (one per term) 
7th Grade: Academy Series 
Pilot, Scientist, Entrepreneur 

Both: That's a Job Series 
Animals and Art 

3rd Grade: Code.Org Course B / ScratchJR app
7th Grade: Code.Org Course D/ The Coding Book

7th Grade Lessons 

The US Constitution and You
Current Events- various sources 

Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physics
For the Love of Physics
Basher Science: Chemistry, Physics, and The Periodic Table of the Elements 

The Fallacy Detective
Critical Thinking 

Equine History
Beautiful Feet Books History of the Horse
(We made this a 2-year program to suit our needs) 

finish The Good and the Beautiful Level 3 

Not Yet Listed/Determined: 
Recitation Pieces 
Foreign Language 
Geography Readers 
(I don't know if I will be able to publish enough units to use all year, so this is TBD)
Plutarch's Lives

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