Exam Questions: Term 1 2023


I Love Exam Week.

Charlotte Mason Exams are one of the most vivid and beautiful portraits of the essence of a living education that our homeschool contains. 

During Exam Week, we culminate and celebrate and commemorate our pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty over the past term. 

We bring together all that we've learned over 12 weeks and each child shares the ideas that have shaped them and become part of them. 

We celebrate all that we've encountered, discovered, mastered, persevered through, loved, endured, grown our affections for and been nourished by. 

We culminate our pursuit of ideas by drawing connections between them and choosing the best of them to share, narrate, create work inspired by, recite, and record. 

We commemorate twelve weeks of effort, diligence, breeding good tastes, edification, togetherness, pursuit of goodness, awe, wonder, frustration, perseverance, growth, beauty, and nourishment. 

It is truly a wonderful time. 

If you are new to the idea of Exams in a living education, I have written about them in this article, I have an IG highlight discussing them, and my Exams Workshop will walk you through them in depth and in detail. 

Here are all of our Exam Questions for Term 1 of our 2023 school year. 
I have an 8th Grader (T) and a 4th Grader (S).

Both Boys: 
(These are Exams conducted together, but you can see the variation in some of the questions for each. These are conducted together because I draw my children together for communal learning as much as I possibly can, and because one can do drawn narrations while I record oral narrations for the other, or they can wait patiently, and they can learn from each other while listening. This also adds to the ongoing conversation of the ideas we've encountered and the commemoration of them.) 

T: Why were we created, and why does our understanding of this matter in our daily lives? 
S: Tell me what the Bible says about why we were created. 

Group Math-
T: Show me the radius, diameter, and circumference of a circle; show me a quadrant and a chord. 
S: Show me the radius, diameter, and circumference of a circle. 

How would you describe the poetry of Langston Hughes; do you like it; why or why not? 

Composer Study- 
T: Describe the music of Debussy and compare your favorite of his works with your least favorite. 
S: Describe the music of Debussy; do you like it; why or why not? 

T: Why is understanding the human mind important for believers? Tell me either about two types of phobias or disorders or about the work of Pavlov. 
S: Why is understanding the human mind important? Tell me about one type of phobia or disorder? 

Handicrafts: Theatre-
Create and direct a scene using stage directions, sound effects, and a prop. 

T: Choose doors, walls, or walkways and tell me how they impact the design and function of a building. 
S: Choose doors, walls, or walkways and tell me how they impact a building. 

What is something new you've discovered about the ocean? 

Illustrate a scene from Rain, Reign or Tollins 2 and tell me why it matters to the story. 

Special Studies- 
What did you find fascinating about the coral reef? 


T:Tell me the definition of a new word you learned this term; give me 3 synonyms. 
S: Tell me the definition of a new word you learned this term. 

Cultural Studies- 
T: Tell me about the faith and practice of Judaism. 
S: Tell me something about the life of someone who practices Judaism. 

Folk Songs- 
T: What is a sea shanty? Describe "Fish in the Sea" and why it makes a good sea shanty. 
S: How does "Fish in the Sea" make the listener feel; why? 

Describe either the Heimlich or the use of a tourniquet. Demonstrate and illustrate. 

Financial Math- 
T: What is an economy and a market? 
S: What is a budget? 

World History-
T: How have sailing and ships evolved throughout history in design and purpose? 
S: How have ships changed over time? 

Science 2-
T: Choose an invention to diagram and illustrate below. Tell me about its creation and impact. 
S: Choose an invention to diagram and illustrate below. Why is this invention important? 

T: Write a blackletter A, B, C 
S: Write a cursive A, B, C

Digital Citizenship- 
What are two ways we can be good digital citizens and why are these both important? 

Nature Study/Forest School- 
Tell me three things you've observed about the woods at Brazos River County Park.

Picture Study- 
T: What was your favorite piece by Matisse and what you think this piece displays about his style, influence, and impact? 
S: What was your favorite piece by Matisse and what three words would you use to describe his art? 

What is the importance of expressing gratitude and what are some ways we can express it? 
Write a thank-you note. 

T: Tell me about color schemes and why they are used. Show me schemes on the color wheel and illustrate them below. 
S: What are some of the color schemes? Show me on the color wheel and illustrate below. 

Hymn Study- 
Does "All Praise to Him Who Built the Hills" or "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" speak to your heart more and what lyrics or ideas expressed encourage you? 

Draw the Mediterranean Sea and illustrate some of its distinct qualities. 

Write and illustrate a set of code that would operate a simple game. 

What themes and structures make a classic fairy tale appealing? 

Recite "What a Piece of Work is Man"

Memory Work- 
Tell me how long Congressmen, Senators, and the President serves. 
Tell me how many senators and members of the House there are and who they serve. 
Tell me about the purpose of God's Church. 

Teddy (8th Grade) 

1. Add 9.087 +15.31 
2. Subtract 9.005 - 3.6
3. Add 3/4 + 4/12 
Simplify 11/3 
Subtract 2/5 - 1/10 

Political Science
What is government and what are the distinctives of our own? Why was our government structured in the way that it is and does it function like it's meant to; why or why not? 

Life Skills- 
What skill have you learned about that has prompted further thought and how can you work on developing that skill throughout your teenage years? 

Literature Survey- 
What are the distinct qualities of Science Fiction and what is its value as a genre? 

What is a simile and a metaphor? Give me two examples of each. 

What is simple apprehension and how does it differ from the process of logical thinking? 

Modern History- 
How was the French Revolution different from and the same as the American Revolution? 

What insight does Shakespeare give into the mind of Hamlet specifically through his interactions with his mother? 

Sheldon (4th Grade) 

1. Show me 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, and 3/5. 
1/2 = __/4, ___/8, ___/6 

2. Circle the sum: 2+2=4 
Circle the addends: 3+2=5 
Circle the difference: 5-2=3 
Circle the minuend: 6-3=3
Circle the subtrahend: 4-2=2

1. List 5 Nouns. 
Make them plural. 
2. List 5 Verbs. 
Change their tense. 
3. List 5 Adjectives. 

Show me proper hand position on home row. 
Type three words with proper posture and hand position. 

Other Exam Week Activities: 
Exam Week Checklists &
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Display Work for Dad
(The boys are each choosing 5 pieces of work that they are proud of or that they believe showcase the ideas of the term and are sharing those with Dad, narrating them and discussing them.) 

If you want to read through more Exam Week Questions for other grades, I have previously posted our questions for several terms.

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