Resource Roundup: Cartooning


✍🏻 πŸ’₯Resource Roundup: Cartooning⁣

Our Studio Art (art we learn to do as opposed to art that we study) is Cartooning. ⁣

I intentionally ensure that we go beyond Mason’s table to explore all of the forms of beauty and goodness that we can, and because my kids and I both love graphic novels, anime, manga, and comics, I knew that I wanted to take a deep dive into the history and construction of these worthy and widespread arts forms in our homeschool. ⁣

We’re having a blast with it, and my kids would rather learn to cartoon than to do brush drawing 100x over. 😜🀣 ⁣

Here are the resources we’re either already using or plan to use this year. ⁣

πŸ“–Books ⁣

πŸ“– The Comic Book Lesson by Mark Crilley ⁣

πŸ“– Understanding Comics and Making Comics by Scott McCloud⁣

πŸ“– Art For Kids: Cartooning and Art for Kids: Comic Strips by Art Roche (love this series) ⁣

πŸ“– The Cartoon Faces Book by Robert Ainsworth (a fun supplement, but not much instruction) ⁣

πŸ“– How to Draw Cartoons by Syd Hoff (a very simple overview) ⁣

πŸ“– How to Draw Cartoons for Beginners by Cory Carerra ⁣

πŸ“– The Big Book of Cartooning by Dave Garbot (a collection of fun, silly tutorials) ⁣

πŸ“– Comics Confidential by Leonard Marcus⁣

✍🏻 Supplies & Consumables ⁣

✍🏻Blank Comic Sketch Book (you can find many options of these, but ours is from Picadilly and is both huge and also great quality for the price) ⁣

✍🏻 Make Your Own Comics Big Pad from Usborne/Paper Pie ⁣

✍🏻 Art Cards Series from Usborne/Paper Pie (my youngest LOVES these) ⁣

✍🏻 Flip Books Animation Paper from Primbeeks ⁣

✍🏻 Good Quality Pencils and Art Erasers⁣

πŸ’» Online Resources ⁣

πŸ’» Challenges/Ideas/Tutorials from the Cartooning Skill on ⁣

πŸ’» Cartooning Club How to Draw YouTube Channel⁣

πŸ’» History of American Comics Article (following all links to additional articles) from Kiddle ⁣

πŸ’» Comics and Graphic Novels: Impact on Children Throughout History Article from Information Matters⁣

πŸ’» How to Make Comics for Kids Blog Series from Creativity School⁣

πŸ’» Free Lessons and Resources from⁣

πŸ’» Comic Books History Article from Illustration History

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