Weekly Schedule for 2024: 9th and 5th Grade

Following Christmas, as many other moms are preparing to dive back into school years they began in the Fall, I'm once again preparing to being a brand new school year.

Tomorrow (we don't do School on Mondays, we never have and never will 😘) is our first day of 9th grade and 5th grade.

What that looks like:

📆 We finish a school year just before Thanksgiving.
📆 Our between-years-break is from Thanksgiving to early January
📆 We begin new years in early January.

I've previously posted about WHY we do this, so you can refer to that post for more, but briefly:
📆 Following the major rhythm of the calendar year makes sense.
📆 There's no Winter Slump (or any slump, really)
📆 Our Summer Break is actually in the middle of our school (the traditional school calendar honestly makes little sense).

As my friends share tips for returning to routines after the holidays for #Charlottemasonmondays, I'm going to take the opportunity to answer a few more FAQ about this.

❓ What about graduation and college?

My kids will graduate in November and will then have at LEAST 6 months to rest and think about secondary education. We never should have begun expecting young adults to make expensive and pressure-filled decisions about secondary education and their futures right after graduating.

❓ How do you transition?

I recommend just intentionally crafting your current school year to stretch or shrink (depending on when you decide to do this) to end in November and then starting a fresh year in January. You're the boss, and the grade you decide that your children are in honestly has no bearing upon anything. Just do it 😘

❓ How does it impact extra curricular activities, etc?

It doesn't. I tell every person, official, and form what grade my children are in. I have them wait until summer to change classes at church, and it's actually pretty simple. Again, I'm the boss.

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