A Week of Schole

I started my year the way I intend to live it....

Nourished and Overflowing.

For years now, the habit and art of Schole have been my way of life.

It isn't optional.

I have been gifted a full life, and it is worthy of my faithfulness.

I refuse to show up empty and malnourished to a table spread before me with such goodness.

I can not give what I do not possess, and an atrophied mind is useless to everyone and everything that I desire to pursue and invest in.

Here is another round of:
"Week of Schole"

Here is all of my Schole this week, by category.

🩷 Bible and Theology

Old Testament: Judges Intro and Background

New Testament: Ephesians Intro and Background

Topical Study: Justice Intro

Theology: The Lord is my Courage

Training: Biblical Words Course Session 1 (from The Bible Project)

🧠 Study

Writing Lesson: Long Sentences

Home: Start Here Cooking Lessons- Intro & Supplies

Sociology: Macro & Micro Analysis & Intersection of Research and Theory

DF Research: Quick Start Guide to Dyslexia, Passages from Mason's Volumes 3, Various Articles

Skill: The Curated Closet- Introductory Material

Trauma Work: Free Writing About Fears

📓 Keeping

Commonplace: Catching up on quotes from Advent Studies

Journaling: 52 Lists for Bravery

Bookish: Challenge TBR

🎨 Beauty

Art: Drawing-Turning Circles Into Spheres

📚 Reading:

Daily 30-30-30 Reading

Contemporary Fiction, Theological Biography, Psychological Thriller, Manga, Graphic Fiction, Literary Mystery

Plus, on Audio:

🎧 The Many Lives of Mama Love
🎧 The Berry Pickers
🎧 Bright Young Women
🎧 Bury Your Dead

and ebook:
📱 Braiding Sweetgrass

🛜 Podcasts

A mix of theology, literary criticism, book chats, psychology, and pop culture.


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