We Are ALL Theologians...


Most materials marketed towards women in Christian publishing set them up to be "Devotional Dippers" instead of capable and skilled theologians. 

Dipping in and out of various devotionals and consuming a steady diet of anecdotal tid-bits, we subconsciously "check the box" of our spiritual nourishment without actually being nourished at all. While, in fact, being starved for knowledge. 

But the reality is that women ARE theologians, because to know God is to be a student of Him. 

We are all either good theologians or poor ones.

It takes intentionality to be a knowledgeable, skilled, capable, competent theologian. 

And that intentionality starts with an understanding of what there is to study so that it can be studied well.

Types of Theology:

1) Biblical Theology- 
A comprehensive study of the Bible's metanarrative.

2) Historical Theology-
A comprehensive overview of the ways the Church has defined and engaged with orthodoxy.

3) Systematic Theology-
A systematic study of the facts of doctrine and what they say about God.

4) Practical Theology-
A study of how doctrine impacts our lives.

Facets of Systematic Theology:

*Theology Proper-
The study of God the Father

The study of God the Son

The study of God the Holy Spirit

The study of mankind

The study of sin

The study of Heavenly Beings

The study of Scripture

The study of (the order of) Salvation

The study of Church structure and function

The study of the end times

In addition to the tendency to dip in and out of various devotions, women are often not taught how to study theology in a way that amounts to anything more than random, brief encounters with various aspects of it. 

In my Love With Your Mind course, I will teach you how to study theology systematically, intentionally, and effectively. 

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