Influencers Actually DO Owe You Something

There's a trend among influencers and it can be displayed via sentiments such as:

"I am not obligated to be here or to post regularly.",

"I have to live my real life and put my phone away when my family is around.",

"I don't owe anyone an explanation of my time."

The trend is to take pride in "not being bound to social media" and to subtly indicate that those of us who are here every day are NOT living our lives or putting our family first.
(Of course, this implication is not inherent to these posts and I'm not saying it is *always* indicated.)

Here's the problem:

An influencer IS obligated to their followers.

They DO owe the people here something...

They SHOULD be able to be depended upon.

What I'm not saying:
1. I'm not saying that everyone has to do this work identically and that influencers shouldn't adjust and pivot when they find themselves and their lives out of proper proportion.
2. I'm not saying that any attempt should be made to please everyone or to do this work perfectly.

I certainly don't do this perfectly. I'm sure that a few dozen of you are waiting on something from me as I type this. I don't attempted to make everyone happy and I can't deliver on every good intention.

I'm human.
We all are.

But hear me loud and clear:

I AM accountable to you.
I DO owe you something.
I AM responsible for the platform you've given me.

And hear this too:
The same should be true for EVERY influencer. 

Influence is a power and it is a privilege.

And with it comes great responsibility and accountability.

I will never just show up here "when I feel like it".

I will do this job with the same dedication and faithfulness that I would give to any other.

This work IS part of my "real life".

Because, you're real people.

I have chosen this work and I have taken on this platform and I have been gifted with your trust.

It should matter.
It DOES matter.

I'm not less of a mom because I'm a faithful creator and entrepreneur. 

I chose both and it is now my responsibility to do both faithfully and well.

Inferencers do, in fact, owe you something. 

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