How I Teach: Civics

How I Teach Civics:

1) With Variety
We study a plethora of topics and don't focus solely on the structure of the government...

What pets each President had is just as much US Citizenship as the difference between the Senate and the House.

2) In Layers
We revisit topics over and over. We employ all methods and I don't hang my hopes of raising informed citizens on any single book, topic, or year. Understanding of something so complex comes in layers.

3) Without Manipulation
I am not using Citizenship lessons to raise children who politically or socially align with me...

In fact, I hope that they don't agree with me about everything. Because to do so would be to forfeit their autonomy of thought.

I teach Citizenship with an aim of raising informed, thoughtful, logical, compassionate, capable thinkers and citizens. 

We disagree, we have heated discussions, and we look at EVERYTHING from every angle.

👩‍⚖️ Here's how Citizenship lessons will look in 2024 (9th and 5th Grades):

👩‍⚖️Our two topics this year are Washington D.C. & The Supreme Court

👩‍⚖️We will alternate between these topics each week, combining the following resources in different ways each week.

📖 The U.S. Supreme Court by Muriel L. Dubois (From the First Facts Series-OOP, must find used)

📖 How the U.S. Government Works by Syl Sobel

📖 Washington, DC from the City Trails Series published by Lonely Planet Kids

📖 N is for Our Nation's Capital from the Alphabet Series published by Sleeping Bear Press

📖 The Capital Inside and Out by Jim Berard

📖 Washington D.C. Sticker Book from the Ultimate Sticker Book Series published by DK

📖 Free Printable Supreme Court Cards and Matching Pages from Research Parent

📖 Landmark Cases (

We will be using these free resources to examine several cases in depth.

👩‍⚖️We will also continue memorizing the answers from the US Citizenship Test (we've memorized 50 so far)

👩‍⚖️And, we will take a deep dive into RBG and SDOC and the pivotal role of each in the history of the Supreme Court with several biographies and other books. 

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