For the Holidays, Less Isn’t Always Best


Festivity is worth our time and our intentionality…

And it deserves our joy.

The joy of holiday, tradition, liturgy, and seasons is worth delighting in.

No, none of these require a particular level or set of activities to be fully experienced, and of course I’d never say that we need to complete any particular checklist in order to enjoy Advent and Christmas.

But, what I do think is that we need to be reminded that the season is worth our effort and our energy and our preparation and our time and our commitment and our investment and our faithfulness.

We’re in the midst of a social media overcorrection, where the pendulum has swung from demanding too much to idolizing the art of doing as little as possible.

The problem with this, like with every pendulum swing, is that it ignores the heart of the matter. 

This season is worth your faithfulness to whatever level of goodness and festivity and richness you desire, are in need of, or wish to pursue. 

No, you aren't doing it wrong if it requires work and effort on your part.

It doesn’t have to be exhausting just for the sake of doing more. But if the more you’re doing is going to bring richness and joy and festivity that you desire…Do it.

It doesn’t have to be “easy” to be restful and peaceful.

Richness and festivity so often only come through things that we intentionally pursue, and intentional pursuits always require effort and commitment.

For Advent, Christmas School, and Christmas, instead of hyper focusing on how to make it “restful”, “Charlotte Mason”, or “Christian” enough… make it the fullness of it all by pursuing what is good and enjoying it wholeheartedly.

It is restful if it’s rich.

It is “Charlotte Mason” if it is good and true and beautiful.

And it is Christian if it is experienced joyfully.

Devotions, Decorating Cookies, Crafts…none of it is a waste of time if done heartily and faithfully. 

Pursue goodness intentionally…
And enjoy it fully. 

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