How I “Do It All”: Tools and Apps I Use for Organization


There are a variety of things I’m asked daily, and one of them is: “How do you do it all?”

You know that I have to say: “I don’t.” Because, I don’t. No one does.

But, what is really being asked is “How do you live this full life well?”.

And, while I don’t do it all, I DO do a whole lot.

And, by God’s grace, I do most of it (imperfectly) well.

What is really being asked about is discipline and organization and faithfulness, and so this newest series will address some practical aspects of those. 

And, the (much less practical) heart of faithfulness can be found in dozens of posts and in many of my workshops. ❤

First, here are the primary TOOLS I use to stay organized:

1) Legend Planner

I’ve tried many planners, and I always return to this one.

2) Delightfully Feasting Planning System

This is how I have organized and operated my homeschool for many years.

3) Google Calendar

I plan on paper, but after I do so each month, I enter all events into Google calendar and color code them so that I can always have it on hand. 

4) Trello

I have a post of all the ways that I use Trello; it is an invaluable tool for me.

5) Google Keep

Where Trello is a massive (but organized) digital clipboard that serves as a more long-term set of lists and collection of links, etc, Good Keep is a short-term digital notebook. It is where I keep temporary notes and lists and action items, and where I get things out of my brain at any given moment so that I can function.

6) Google Tasks

My planner is an organized framework of tasks that are categorized. Those tasks are then dumped into an uncategorized daily, weekly, and monthly checklist.


Planning isn’t optional

Working and maintaining my systems isn’t optional.

Systems and planners work when people do…and I set aside time every day to work mine.

👉 There is a tour of these tools saved to my Instagram highlights under “Do It All”

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