What Do You Do About Questionable Content?

I’m asked some version of this when I share a variety of things that either I or my kids are interested in. ⁣

I certainly believe that discernment is good and that both our conscience and the Spirit will steer us away from things that will cause harm; neither should be silenced. ⁣

What we call “discernment”, however, is often simply fear, legalism or a form of spiritual and intellectual laziness. ⁣

It is easy and comfortable to have a strict set of (arbitrary) standards that protect us from the challenge and effort demanded of us when encountering “questionable” material. ⁣

A Few Considerations: ⁣

1️⃣ What Does “Questionable” Mean? ⁣

Is it questionable or is it simply a challenging reality? Darkness and sin exist and pretending that they don’t won’t make it true. Simply acknowledging something does not equate to glorifying it or reveling in it.⁣

People are complicated and life has layers. ⁣

Just because something is uncomfortable or unpleasant doesn’t make it “questionable”. ⁣

2️⃣ Avoidance Isn’t “More Christian” Than Engagement ⁣

The bent towards drawing away from what is challenging and complex, and even ugly and dark, isn’t necessarily an inherently Christian posture. ⁣

While discernment is necessary, generally speaking, it is Christians who should be capable of running INTO dark and difficult places, anchored in security, instead of away from them. ⁣

We practice this in our engagement with many forms of goodness that are “rough around the edges” or simply touched by human imperfection. ⁣

3️⃣ Raising Thinkers Requires Courage⁣

My oldest is currently reading chronologically through the OT, and I know that he will encounter things there that make me far more uncomfortable than much of what I’m asked about in his music and comics and horror films. ⁣

Raising thinkers requires being willing to press into that discomfort. ⁣

Preserving their personhood isn’t an act of protecting them from everything… ⁣

it is an act of walking with them through the refining fires of navigating life’s complexities knowing that the humans emerging on the other side will be armed with the courage and compassion required to live and love well.


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