Nonfiction Series Worth Owning


πŸ“š Nonfiction Series Worth Owning⁣⁣

This installment in my Nonfiction Series Worth Owning Series focuses on three of my favorite nonfiction publishers. ⁣
*Notes: ⁣⁣
1. I check out dozens of books from the library to use during our homeschool year, but I also believe that books are worth owning and I believe the research that says that owning books impacts literacy; so, when I say “worth owning”, that’s the philosophy it is rooted in. ⁣⁣
2. This is a post series- check for my original post; and more to come. ⁣
3. There are a variety of books from these publishers that differ greatly- be sure to read my notes on each to help determine if YOU would find them worth owning. ⁣
πŸ“– Lonely Planet Kids ⁣
⁣When it comes to these, just forget what I said above and buy everything you see. ⁣

There are so many fabulous books from Lonely Planet Kids (and also interactive items like Journals and Build Your Own Books). ⁣

Every book from Lonely Planet Kids that we own, we refer to over and over. ⁣

We love the City Trails Series, the How____ Works Series, The Facts Books Series, and the Everything You Ever Needed to Know Series. ⁣

You Rule is a Lonely Planet Books title in our Citizenship lineup, we’re currently reading 101 Ways to Change the World in Evening Basket, and we have used their National Parks book over and over again. ⁣

πŸ“– World Book⁣
This publisher varies greatly, and some I actually do prefer to check out from the library, such as the Answer Me This and True or False series, because they’re really fun trivia but we generally don’t read them over and over. ⁣

The Taste The World and Animals at Work Series are great, but the Building Blocks of…. Series is my favorite. This is a series of graphic novels on scientific and mathematical topics that my children LOVE. ⁣

πŸ“– ⁣Wide Eyed Books⁣

I’m sure you know Wide Eyed by their 50 States Book, but they have so many other great titles worth having on the shelf. ⁣

We love “Voyage of Discovery” and “Diary of a Time Traveler”, and their National Parks book is also worth having. ⁣

Their “Atlas” series is fabulous and my kids adore them. ⁣

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