Planning Peacefully Affords Homeschooling Freedom

Memory Work⁣
Fun Facts⁣
Bible Study⁣
Systematic Theology⁣
Hymn Study⁣
Literature ⁣
Nature Lore ⁣
Zoology ⁣
Biblical Hebrew⁣
Technology ⁣
Cultural Studies ⁣
American History ⁣
Picture Study ⁣
Mapping ⁣
Language Arts⁣
Math ⁣

That is a list of the subjects that we completed today. ⁣

And, I don’t mean that some things “hit two birds with one stone” and that we *covered* these topics today. I mean that we had individual, specific, intentional, planned, executed lessons in these subjects today. ⁣

And that is just one day of our school week. ⁣

In the rest of our week, we also cover: ⁣

Recitation ⁣
Special Studies ⁣
Culinary History/Nutrition⁣
Poetry Composition⁣
Critical Thinking ⁣
Music History⁣
Art History⁣
Life Skills⁣
Studio Art ⁣
Tales ⁣
Folk Songs ⁣
Composer Study⁣
Career Studies ⁣
Financial Math/Economics⁣
Handicrafts ⁣
Regional Geography⁣

Again, these are each covered in separate, intentional, specific, planned, executed lessons using a plethora of resources. ⁣

Why am I telling you this? ⁣

It isn’t to make you tired (I’m tired just typing it, though 😜), or to put our homeschool on display. ⁣

Our homeschool isn’t perfect, there still isn’t room for everything I’d like there to be, sometimes things don’t get done, and we have to pivot and adapt just like everyone. ⁣

But, there is room for a whole heck of a lot. ⁣

Why? ⁣

Because I schedule and plan intentionally, creatively, and in complete freedom. I am in the driver’s seat, and my schedule and my plans are my TOOLS to accomplish my purposes.⁣

They are carefully constructed and because my homeschool is peacefully planned, it is (mostly) peacefully orchestrated. ⁣

Planning intentionally and creatively and well is not easy and it is, in fact, time consuming. ⁣

But, unlike the empty promises of “easy” systems, it affords the freedom to craft a homeschool rich with all of the goodness that you desire. ⁣

💡I get a ton of questions about planning this time of year, and my Peaceful Planning Course is where I discuss and equip you for intentional, peaceful planning. ⁣


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