Ask the Kids: 2023 Favorite Literature

📚 Ask the Kids…. ⁣
Favorite 2023 Literature ⁣

In the midst of a feast full of rich dishes, Literature is an often undervalued richness of its own. ⁣

Even among the crowd who speaks about Reading Aloud and Living Books exponentially more than any other group of people, I have observed that we often don’t quite understand the power of story and its place at our tables. ⁣

Stories have a power all their own… ⁣

In my “Literature: Illuminating Ideas” Workshop I express the power of story as such: ⁣

“Stories do the slow work of forming a flexible imagination and illuminating all manner of ideas simply by the nature of what they are.” ⁣

Stories don’t need to be “used” or enhanced or aided by any of our strategies and techniques. ⁣

They don’t have to be distilled, analyzed, or summarized in order to be synthesized by the mind. ⁣

Stories show us things that simply can’t be told and our imaginations can’t be formed without them. ⁣

Stories matter. ⁣

And not only do stories matter, but they’re truly a delight. ⁣

In no other place in our homeschool schedule are we quite as free to simply delight in goodness that needs no contribution from us. ⁣

📖 Teddy’s Favorite Literature Read from 2023: (in 2023 he was in 8th grade/13 yo) ⁣

Pax by Sara Pennypacker ⁣

This novel is an adventure story, an animal story, a friendship story, a war story, and a story about the power of love. It is honest and sad and lovely. ⁣

📖 Sheldon’s Favorite Literature Read From 2023: ⁣
(In 2023 he was in 4th grade/9 yo) ⁣

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo ⁣

Another story about the power of love, penned in a way that only DiCamillo can do, with plenty of laughs and adventure thrown in. ⁣

📚 A Literature Read Mom Loved From 2023: ⁣

Rain, Reign by Ann M. Martin ⁣

I laughed, I cried, I loved the main character fiercely. That is the marker of a wonderful story. ⁣

For more recommendations from our reading kiddos: ⁣


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