How I Teach: Geography, Culture, and Mapping


How I Teach Geography, Culture and Mapping....

1️⃣ Aiming at a Panoramic View of the World⁣
2️⃣ Identifying as Citizens of the Entire World ⁣
3️⃣ Honoring Humanity and the Imago Dei ⁣

The Humanities in our homeschool are Communal and Layered. ⁣

We have separate lessons in our Weekly Schedule for: ⁣

🗓️ Practical Geography ⁣
🗓️ Regional Geography⁣
🗓️ Mapping⁣
🗓️ Cultural Studies⁣
🗓️ World Religions⁣

Here is what that looks like for our upcoming school year (9th & 5th): ⁣

🌎 Cultural Studies ⁣

⁣📖Africa is Not a Country: Notes on a Bright Continent by Dipo Faloyin ⁣⁣

We will be taking all year to read this, moving slowly and taking all year to discuss. ⁣
📖Africa is Not a Country by Margy Burns Knight and Mark Melnicove ⁣⁣

We will read one of small entries for this each week, using the country that it focuses on for our Regional Geography. ⁣

⛪️ World Religions⁣

We will complete the Delighting in the World: World Religions Unit⁣

That unit utilizes: ⁣
📖The Kids Book of World Religions by Jennifer Glossop ⁣
📖 What I Believe by Alan Brown ⁣
📖 Festivals of the World ⁣

We will take longer than a term to complete this, completing all Journaling and Activities. ⁣
🗾 Regional Geography⁣

📖Africa, Amazing Africa by Atinuke ⁣⁣

We will read the entry for that week’s country in this… ⁣

📖Africa Geography Activity Book from Dylanna Press⁣ ⁣

… and complete the activity page for the country in this. ⁣

🗺️ Practical Geography ⁣

📖Help Your Kids With Geography⁣ by DK⁣

(I love this series)⁣
📖 A Child’s Introduction to the World by Heather Alexander⁣

My oldest has read this so we will be repeating it with his brother. ⁣

Practical Geography is a survey/overview of geographical concepts. ⁣

📍 Mapping⁣

This has two components- ⁣
1. History Lesson Mapping⁣

This is the mapping prompts from the week’s history lessons. ⁣

2. Systematic Map Drawing⁣

We will complete a map of Africa throughout the year using Draw Africa. ⁣

➕ I also add in some fun geography to our Mind Movers, and this year I have Planet Earth Mazes from Paper Pie.⁣

💡 I discuss these lessons in my “Beyond History Workshop”. ⁣

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