2024 Reading and Schole Goals


Motherhood gives me a reason to invest in my own nourishment; it isn't my excuse not to.

I truly believe that I have no right to show up to the work I've been given malnourished.

I have every means, opportunity, and ability to show up filled and overflowing.

So, I do.
I feast upon ideas, and I don't allow my mind to atrophy.

I'd never go without eating and expect to function normally and serve my family, so I don't starve my mind and expect that either.

I also believe that I have no right to use my lips to ask my children to love to learn and to be a learner for a lifetime while using my example to show them that it isn't really possible.

So, for me, Schole isn't optional.

Here are my 2024 Reading and Schole Goals:

📖 Read 350 Books
📖 Complete the Sealey Challenge again
📖 Genre to Grow Into: Fantasy
📖 Read the Booker, International Booker, Women's Price, and NBA Short Lists
📖 Catch Up to Current on Three Pines Series
📖 Complete Jason Reynolds Backlist
📖 Complete Ann Patchett Backlist
📖 Reading Deep Dive #1 - Women, Writing and Work
📖 Reading Deep Dive #2 - The Palestine Experience
📖 Reading Deep Dive #3 - 90's Television
📖 Finish Close Reading "Reading Evangelicals" and "The Lord is my Courage"

✔ Weekly Journaling
✔ Weekly Poetry Composition
✔ Complete Sociology Textbook
✔ Complete 5 Watercolor Pieces
✔ Christian Thought & Philosophy Course from Reformed Theological Seminary
✔ Bible Study Methods Course by Mark Strauss
✔ Prayer, Meditation, Fasting Course by John Piper
✔ Biblical Words Course (Bible Project)
✔ Yearly Deep Dive New Testament: Ephesians
✔ Yearly Deep Dive Old Testament: Judges
✔ Yearly Thematic Study: Suffering
✔ Yearly Topical Study: Justice
✔ Fill Out All 12 Monthly Reflections (in my Legend Planner)

If all of this is new to you, or you need some encouragement, you can grab my Schole Bundle in the shop. The Bundle is filled with courses, tools, and encouragement. 

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