Exam Questions Form 2b, Term 3

Exam Questions

1.Explain one of Christ's teaching and tell me how his audience reacted to that teaching.
2.Tell me about the birth of Moses.

Choose your favorite line of one of this term's hymns and copy it perfectly.

Write the alphabet in cursive.

Composition : Personal Narrative:
Give me an overview of your fourth grade year. Tell me about things that you did, things that you learned, things you liked, things you struggled with, etc.

What do you think makes a good tale? 

1.What similarities did you find between various American poetry that we read?
2.Choose any American poem and tell me what you love about it.

Tell me about the connections between Laura Ingalls Wilder's life and her books. 

Nature Lore
Tell me about the wide variety of life on the seashore.

1.Why was it important for Laura to share her family's hardest seasons (like in Plum Creek) as well as their most joyful ones?
2. Compare Laura's life in Plum Creek with her life in Indian territory. 
3. What did life in Plum Creek reveal and/or display about Pa's character.

American History
1.Tell me about the history of the American flag.

Ancient History
1. Tell me how early astronomers viewed the universe and how this view was challenged.

Church History
1. Why was the German Reformation a significant event in the history of the church and what impact did Martin Luther have on how we worship God today?

1. Tell me about the impact of the Medicine Tree, how far it reached, and its final resting place.
2. What are some different types of maps. Illustrate them below. 

Geography: Mapping
1.Identify the following places in Europe: Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal. 
2. Identify new states that you have learned, label them and color them on your map.   

Picture Study
1.Describe Whistler's approach to art and the things his art was influenced by.
2.What connection can you see between Whistler's life and his art?

1. Add together all of the ages of the members of your family and add together the years your family were born in.
2. Create a word problem with the numbers 572 and 246 and solve it using subtraction with borrowing.
3. Create a word problem with the numbers 965 and 187 and solve it using subtraction with borrowing.
4. Make 2 arrays that show both multiplication and division.

Create a sentence describing God and write it as I dictate it.
(**My son's dyslexia means that we are still learning to read, and could be for several more years. Our exams look differently, as a result, and yours can just include reading aloud for this age.)

Choose a poem or rhyme to read. (From Treadwell Reader Book 1) 

1.Complete a Mad Libs. 
2. Choose one part of speech and make a list of them.

Composer Study
1.Why do you think Bach's Sonata #3 is written in a Major key?
2.Tell me about the mood of Bach's Sonata's

Natural History 
1. Complete a diagram showing the types of leaf shapes and leaf structures.
2. Tell me about bird migration and some ways that birds might navigate as they fly.

Nature Study
1.Describe the varying weather and conditions you've experienced on hikes at Camp Mohawk this term.
2. Go on a perimeter walk in your front yard or back yard and record your observations in your journal.

Choose either navigating when lost or packing proper camping supplies to tell me about.

Science 1: Astronomy
1. Tell me about one of the planets or about the history of constellations and their names/uses over time.
2.Complete a model of the solar system.

Science 2:Detective 
1. Explain two skills or procedures that are helpful to a Detective. 
2. Create a Detective Handbook, illustrating the skills and procedures you've learned about. 

Special Studies 
What do you know about different breeds or groups of dogs?

1.What have you observed about Shakespeare's reasons for and approach to telling a story?
2. What role does the dialogue seem to play in Shakespeare's plays?

Hymn Study
Create a poster to display the heart and truth of one of this term's hymns.

Folk Song
Sing This Land is Your Land along with your favorite version of it that you've heard.
*Why is this your favorite version?

Describe the structure of a southern plantation.

Christian Studies
1. What does it mean to treat each other with compassion and respect and why is it important to do so?

Recitation/Memory Work
1. Recite House on a Hill.
2. Answer Catechism Questions 26-30.
3. Recite the section about the Church from the Nicene Creed.

1.Sing and clap to the beat of Hey Diddle Diddle. (Music pasted into exam notebook)
2. Draw a flat, a sharp, and a natural and tell me what they are for. 


Choose a song video, sing along with the video, sing it on your own, and then draw it on a staff.

Choose a drawing you've already completed and redo it, adjusting and editing as you see fit.

Typing1.Properly type each letter you've learned. 
2. Type the following sentences:
*Listen; I hear a noise. 
*The lake is so large! 

Complete a pastel project to give away as a gift.

1.Choose some colors to say and write in Spanish.
2. Read Un Dia De Nieve (The Snowy Day) and translate the following sentences from it.
*Crac, crac, crac sus pies se hundieron en la nieve.
*Era un palo-
*Y en cambio hizo un muneco de nieve que sonreia, y luego angeles en la nieve.

3. Recite the rhyme with proper pronunciation:
Zapatito blanco, zapatito azul.
Dime cauntos anos tienes tu?
Cinco! 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Y sales tu con la letra doble-u.

Complete a needle felting project to give away as a gift.  

May Your Day be Spent...Delightfully Feasting, 
Crystin <3

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