Exam Questions: Form 2b, Term 2

Exam Questions

1.Describe the last days of Christ's life.
2. Compare Joseph's relationship with his father to his relationship with his brothers.

Choose a poem by Walt Whitman and copy your favorite lines of that poem perfectly.

Write the following words in cursive:
it, she, our, them

Composition : Personal Narrative:
Tell me about your adventures in nature during this term.

Choose an animal tale from Just So Stories, and tell me about it; then make up a different ending for the tale. 

1.Describe the poetry of Walt Whitman and choose your favorite of his poems that we read.
2.What did you find interesting about the life of Walt Whitman?

What do you admire about the character of George Washington, and what episode from his life do you believe displays that character?  

Nature Lore
Which animal from the seashore did you find most surprising and learn the most about?

1.Describe the last days of the Ingalls family in their home on the prairie.
2. Choose an exciting moment in Laura's life to tell me about.
3. Compare Mary's personality with Laura's and tell me which you identify with the most.

American History
1.Tell me about the life of Napoleon, and what was occurring in the United States while he ruled France.
2. Describe the exploration of Lewis and Clark.

Ancient History
1. Tell me about the earliest attempts at human flight.
2. What did you find interesting about the life of Amelia Earhart?

1. How was the cottonwood tree (in The Tree in  the Trail) like a curio cabinet?
2. Tell me about either the Greenlanders or the Lapps.

Geography: Mapping
1.Identify and label the states you've learned.
2. Map the moves of the Ingalls family.   

Picture Study
1.What kind of artist do you describe Normal Rockwell as?
2. In what ways do you think Rockwell accurately represented American life?

1. Plutarch
Tell me about the character of either Fabius the Roman or Lysander the Greek, and how their actions impacted their country.
2. American Citizenship
Choose an American president that you admire and tell me about him.

1. Choose three activities in your day and show their time on the clock. Then, draw those times on clocks below and write those times in analog.
2.Create a division equation, write it below, solve it and then check in with multiplication.
   Create a multiplication equation, write it below, solve it and then check it with division.
3. Build multiplication tables for the 4 and 6 facts.

DictationCreate a sentence describing your home or family and write it below as I dictate it.

(**My son's dyslexia means that we are still learning to read, and could be for several more years. Our exams look differently, as a result, and yours can just include reading aloud for this age.)

Choose a Nursery Rhyme to read. (From Treadwell Reader Book 1)
Grammar1.Tell me about the function of adjectives and create some descriptive sentences below. 
2. Write 3 sentences with nouns and then rewrite the sentences, replacing those nouns with pronouns.

Composer Study
1.Why do you think Bach's Sonata #3 is written in a Major key?
2.Tell me about the mood of Bach's Sonata's

Natural History 
1. Tell me about the benefit of arachnids and how they live.
2. Draw different kinds of spider webs and arachnids.

Nature Study
1.Choose to tell me about either earthworms or cicadas.
2. Tell me what you've observed at Camp Mohawk.

Tell me about the skill of observation and why it is important in the life of a scout.

Science 1: Weather 1.Make a weather map below. 
2. Tell me what you know about clouds, and draw the types of clouds below. 

Science 2: Paleontology Either tell me about the excavation of "Sue", or tell me about proper digging procedures.
Special Studies 
Tell me what makes something an insect and choose one to draw in detail and describe below. 

1.What was the conflict in Hamlet's life?
2. Describe the character of Hamlet and how his actions either display or betray that character.

Hymn Study
Which of this term's two hymns impacted you more and what from its words or history do you think you'll never forget?

Folk Song
Why do you think "Oh Susanna" is such a timeless piece of American culture?

Tell me about the way a boomtown was built and why they were so important to the Western Expansion.

Christian Studies
1. Tell me what Scripture says clearly about the end of time?
2. What do we know to be true about God's Word? 

Recitation/Memory Work
1. Recite Aboard at a Ship's Helm.
2. Answer Catechism Questions 15-25.
3. Recite the section about the Holy Spirit from the Nicene Creed.

Musicianship 1.Sing and clap to the beat of London Bridge. (Music pasted into exam notebook)
2. Tell me about either rhythm or pitch. 


Explain what "Tidy-O" is and how to find it and use it.

Choose a set of shape drawings to complete below, and explain how they practice important drawing skills.

Complete a pastel project to give away as a gift.

1. What questions can you ask me in Spanish?
2. Translate the rhyme below.
Cierto dia vi en el mar
Un pececito de color
Pense en cogerlo dentro del mar
Pero el pececito se me escapo
Adios pececito cuando sepas hadar
No te volvere a ver nunca mas.

3. Recite the rhyme with proper pronunciation:
Elena la ballena
Se fue a navegar
En una lancha velera
Sobre las olas del mar
Sobre las olas del mar

Elena la ballena
Manana volvera
Hos traera de regalo
Una estrellita de mar
Una estrellita de mar

Elena la ballena
Abrio su quitasol
nosotros desde la playa
le gritamos adios
le gitamos adios.

Complete a needle felting project to give away as a gift.  

May Your Day be Spent...Delightfully Feasting, 
Crystin <3

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