High School Credits Are Not Found or Earned, They Are Built

If there’s one thing I see causing moms entirely unnecessary stress about homeschooling high school, it is the perception that there are fully constructed credits out there that they have to hunt down and secure. ⁣

But you don’t have to “find” credits.⁣

Credits are BUILT. ⁣

Work is done to *earn* them but not as a prize already constructed and needing to be obtained. ⁣

ALL work that a student does, throughout their high school career, is combined and constructed into the credits that they need. ⁣

Nothing is wasted. ⁣

Yes, there are courses and resources that have already built the credits for you, but you can follow the exact same process to build them yourself… ⁣

And if you’re pursuing any measure of communal, living, varied, rich high school education, you’re going to want to ensure that you know how. ⁣

Credits (Carnegie Units), are built of “hours”, which are not precisely 60 minute units of time. ⁣

Credit Hours Are Made Up of a Variety of Things: ⁣

1 Textbook (no matter how long it takes to complete)⁣

Experiences (Field Trips, Research, Projects, Internships, Interviews, Documentaries, etc) ⁣

16 Books (no matter how long they take to read) ⁣

One Semester of College Level Course Work⁣

Online or Local Classes (with books OR hours logged) ⁣

ANY combination of these can be used to build credit. ⁣

💡If a child completes an 80 hour internship spread across their 9th and 10th grade years, and then reads 9 books on a similar topic in their 12th grade year, they’ve earned a credit. ⁣

💡If a child completes about 3/4 of a writing textbook (no matter what grade) and also conducts an interview and writes a follow up report with the professional that they interned with, they’ve earned a Writing Credit… ⁣

💡If over 4 years they watch and discuss documentaries on a topic for around 100 hours (including discussion) and also write a final report on that topic, they’ve earned a credit. ⁣

Credits are built… ⁣
out of EVERYTHING a student does. ⁣

I teach this process in my CM High School Workshop… ⁣

but I also teach it in depth in my Peaceful Planning Course, which also provides needed High School Record Keeping Forms.


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