Who You ARE This Year Is Exponentially More Important Than Who You Vote For


If you don’t live under a rock, your integrity will be challenged this year. ⁣

But I have hope that we can be who we want (and claim) to be…⁣

And, wouldn’t the Church radiantly reflecting Christ be a refreshing change? 😘⁣

Here are some ways we can navigate this election year with integrity: ⁣

1️⃣ See People ⁣

There is no issue, no position, no perspective, no party, and no platform that is its own viable entity. ⁣

It is humans that are attached to everything oversimplified and distilled down to a set of bullet points. ⁣

Humans with complex stories and nuanced perspectives. ⁣

There are, factually and statistically speaking, very few radicals in this world. ⁣

Most of the people you’re going to encounter this year are layered and complex in their personhood and in their position. ⁣

And there is NOTHING that they can believe or think that gives you a license to dehumanize them. ⁣

So, SEE them. ⁣

2️⃣ Hear People⁣

If someone says “I think razor wire in the water is inhumane”, don’t hear “I think our border should be entirely open”. ⁣

If someone says “I worry about women’s rights”, don’t hear “I hate unborn babies and want them to die”. ⁣

If someone says “My family’s livelihood comes from oil and gas”, don’t hear “Screw the environment, I don’t care about carbon emissions.” ⁣

Hear what people actually say and respect them enough to understand that it’s complicated. ⁣

And, if you’re struggling to understand, ask more questions. ⁣

3️⃣ Walk With People⁣

Turn your gaze to your relationships, and live life beyond the headlines and the polls. ⁣

Laugh with people. ⁣
Cry with people. ⁣
Eat with people. ⁣
Host parties. ⁣
Bake casseroles when someone is having a hard time, and do a little dance with them when they achieve a victory. ⁣
Enjoy the small moments on regular days sitting around tables with people you love.
Talk about sports and theology and pop culture and books and tv shows. ⁣
Hold babies. ⁣
Give gifts. ⁣
Stop by for a coffee just because. ⁣
Love your people just like every other year.

Because you’ll never get this one back… ⁣

And who they vote for is the least interesting thing about them. ⁣

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