The Holy Spirit Isn't A Vending Machine


When the Spirit is commodified, we see Him as nothing more than a means to our ends. ⁣

When the Spirit is emotionalized, we deny or ignore any of His work that doesn’t cause an emotional reaction in us- ⁣

Conversely, when the Spirit is feared, we often disdain any of His work that *does* cause emotion and outward display. ⁣

When the Spirit is practicalized, we treat Him like a business partner. ⁣

When the Spirit is transactionalized, we interact with Him solely by way of bartering. ⁣

When the Spirit is replaced with Scripture in the godhead by a distortion of “sola Scriptura”, His role in our lives is minimized. ⁣

When the Spirit is improperly elevated about the Father and Son within the godhead, what results is extremism masquerading as “worship”. ⁣

When we treat the Spirit as if He’s waiting at the door of buildings and rooms waiting on us to usher Him in with our words and our songs, we’ve distorted and diminished the reality of being indwelt permanently by God Himself and we forget that we never have to ask for His presence, but rather that we live within it always. ⁣

All of these are ways that believers, very often subconsciously, distort and diminish the Holy Sprit… ⁣

And our view of the Spirit has implications upon our life in Christ and our relationship with the Father. ⁣

I know what it is to grow up within (and be indoctrinated by) a tradition that has an unhealthy and toxic Pneumatology… ⁣

And I know what it is to dismantle that and to behold God fully, as He actually is. ⁣

A healthy and sound Pneumatology is worth working for… ⁣

As it enables us to fully understand the significance and impact of His indwelling. ⁣

And to see His filling as the specific and individual growth and display of His fruits and gifts, manifesting the work of God within us, enabling God’s design for the Church, displaying Christ to the world, and giving us a glimpse of our glorious future. ⁣

The Holy Spirit doesn’t come in clutch as a “closer” for God, He is God Himself within us. ⁣

💡 I discuss Pneumatology, Christology, Paterology, and Trinitarian Theology in depth in Session 4 of my Love With Your Mind Theology Course.

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