More Than A Mom: Fitness


Fitness was one of the first ways that I fully realized the reality of my personhood outside of being a mom and homemaker. ⁣

My weight loss and weight lifting journey was prompted by a “start living or get ready to die” moment, but it became so much more. ⁣

I have degenerative arthritis and fibromyalgia and I truly can’t remember what it’s like to not be in intense pain.⁣

So, my physical health was my primary motivation, and of course I now realize how much it contributes to my mental health and overall wellness. ⁣

What I didn’t know that it would reveal is how much I had failed to preserve my own personhood. ⁣

I read and studied and I talked publicly about personhood. I was an advocate for the value of a mother’s personhood… ⁣

Yet, I somehow still saw that personhood for myself as an aspect of my identity as mother and homemaker. ⁣

I read and studied as an act of preserving my own personhood… but the primary reason I cited for the value of those habits was that it made me a more equipped mother. ⁣

And, it does, indeed. ⁣

But it also nourishes me as a human, and my own enjoyment and vitality is enough of a reason to pursue my own interests… entirely outside of motherhood. ⁣

It was fitness that illuminated this to me. ⁣

As powerlifting became a passion and the amount of time that I invested into it exceeded what was necessary for my health and wellness, I began to have to identify my reasons as more than “keeping me healthy enough to be a good mom.” ⁣

That is A reason that I work out, but it is not the sole reason. ⁣

I lift because I love to. ⁣

And, that, my friends, is enough. ⁣

Even if it *didn’t* contribute to my ability to mother well, it would still be worthy of my pursuit and time. ⁣

I have learned to do what I love simply because I love it and to stop attempting to quantity or justify it by means of my motherhood.⁣

Because, as a person, I am more than a mom. ⁣

And persons need passions and fun and challenge and pursuits all their own. ⁣

Full stop. ⁣

I am a person, and I love to lift weights. ⁣

Doing so without guilt or shame or minimization is an act of preservation of my personhood.

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