Hi, Everyone! ⁣

I’m Crystin, and Delightfully Feasting is the outpouring of my desire to use my gifts and passions to equip and encourage women to live fully, faithfully, and intentionally. ⁣

There are always new faces around here, so I like to periodically introduce myself and welcome you to the best community on the internet (I’m biased šŸ˜˜). ⁣

I started DF with young children, carving what you see here out slowly but surely with full hands and slim margins but a resilient love for the work I do here. ⁣

It has become so much more than I ever imagined, and I’m continually undone by all of the ways in which God works here. ⁣

I love this work and I cherish all of the people that it brings me into both contact and relationship with. ⁣

In this community, you’ll find me writing and facilitating conversations about homeschooling, motherhood, philosophy, and faith with a commitment to thinking critically, communicating compassionately, and courageously bridging gaps in culture and the Church. ⁣

šŸ’”❓What Do I Have to Help You: ⁣

šŸ’» 75 Workshops & Courses⁣

On every topic you can think of relating to Homeschooling, Living Education, Charlotte Mason, Reading, Motherhood, Homemaking, Educational Philosophy, Planning, Intentional Living, and so.much.more. ⁣

šŸ“’ 54 Separate Curriculum Units ⁣

In the following subjects: ⁣
Composer Study⁣
Folk Songs ⁣
Hymn Study⁣
Tales ⁣
Spycraft ⁣
US Presidents⁣
US Elections ⁣
Communal Math ⁣
Shakespeare ⁣
World Religions ⁣
French ⁣
Yuleschool ⁣
Thanksgiving ⁣
Summer Mini Unit⁣
Autumn Mini Unit ⁣
Outer Space⁣
Ocean Life ⁣

šŸ“„ Over 25 Free Printables ⁣

A variety of free tools and references. ⁣

šŸ“ Over 30 Separate Products for Mom ⁣

A Collection of products for your own continued education and development, including: ⁣
13 Bible Studies⁣
4 Challenges ⁣
8 Book Club Guides ⁣
Book Club Printables⁣
Schole Printables⁣
Schole Guide⁣
Schole Journal⁣

♥️ Memberships ⁣

Lifelong and Yearly⁣

Use Code: SAVE10 on any order of $20 or more. ⁣

Thank you for being here. ⁣
You (truly) mean the world to me. ♥️

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