"How I Do It All" Time: Blocked and Budgeted


There are a variety of things that I’m asked daily, and one of them is: “How do you do it all?” ⁣⁣⁣⁣
What is really being asked is “How do you live this full life well?”. ⁣⁣⁣⁣
And, while I don’t do it all, I DO do a whole lot with intentionality, which I address in this “Do it All Series”. ⁣
Here are two ways that I view, and manage, my time. ⁣

1️⃣ Time is Blocked ⁣
The way that my time is allocated is in “blocks”. ⁣

Some examples: ⁣

A) Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-4 are school hours. ⁣
This isn’t shifted around; it is static. ⁣

On Fridays, I also have a 3 hour block of time that is for school (Family Studies Day) but it can be moved around and inserted into the day anywhere. ⁣

B) I clean my entire house on Mondays, and this requires a 2-4 hour chunk of time, moved around the day as needed.⁣

One Monday each month, I record a workshop, so I know that I have about 3 hours to clean. ⁣

One Monday each month, I host book club from 10-4 and I cook brunch for that at 9 am. This means that I have to clean beforehand, and I can only spend about 2 hours. ⁣

Two Mondays each month, we go to the library and I can come home from that and spend 4 hours cleaning. ⁣
⁣The time isn’t something I’m grasping for or randomly picking pieces of to try to cram together… ⁣

The time (all of it) is specifically blocked off and can be moved as an entire block to fit my life. ⁣

2️⃣ Time is Budgeted⁣

By blocking my time, I can budget it. ⁣

It seems obvious to say “we only have 24 hours in a day”, but yet, somehow we come to subconsciously believe otherwise. ⁣

Just like I can only spend the money I actually have at the store, I can only spend on my life the time I have remaining based upon what I’ve budgeted and what I’ve spent. ⁣

By blocking my time, I can then budget it well. ⁣

If something impacts a block of time, I know that I have to move on to the next block and then “drag or drop” whatever tasks remain in the current one. ⁣

I know what time I can “borrow” from a block because it’s been allocated intentionally. ⁣

And, when “extra” time remains in a block, I can intentionally choose how to use it. ⁣

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