Who You Are During An Election Year....Is Just Who You Are

You do not get the luxury of a separate, distinct identity during the coming months of tension and discord. ⁣

The pressure cooker of American politics does not turn you into someone entirely different than the you that you claim to be, and there’s nothing impending that excuses behavior that is supposedly beneath you. ⁣

If you are arrogant, conceited, hateful, divisive, prideful, self-centered, biting, and mean during the coming months when you either LOVE or LOATHE what is happening in Washington… ⁣

Then you are: ⁣
Conceited ⁣
Hateful ⁣
Prideful ⁣
Self-Centered ⁣
Biting ⁣
Mean ⁣

Those things come from withIN you. ⁣

The fault doesn’t lie with the “other party” or people across whatever aisle you’ve fashioned into your idol. ⁣

If you demoralize, dehumanize, or demonize any human beings who bear God’s image between now and November… ⁣

That is a habit that you possess. ⁣

You do not get to suspend your identity, your reputation, and your claim of Christ for the next 11 months and blame it on whatever you demonize in order to excuse your own sin. ⁣

There is nothing happening politically or culturally that justifies being hateful to other humans, and when you justify your sin with more sin it reveals more about you than it could ever reveal about the people that you’ve made it your mission to “other”. ⁣

There are actually a (very) small percentage of people who are radical or extreme in their political or cultural positions. ⁣

That small percentage sits at either side (if you don’t think that your preferred party has an equally radical extreme, start there) of a spectrum upon which most of us reside in the middle. ⁣

A great majority of us lean one way sometimes and another way sometimes and many times aren’t exactly sure or know that there are too many layers and complexities to draw hard lines. ⁣

So, if you allow media and social media to make you believe differently, there’s no one to blame but you. ⁣

If you use a small percentage of extremists to justify your dishonor of humans, then you need to be spending far more time on your knees than on the internet. ⁣

Who you are this election year is who you are.


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