Graphic Novels, Graphic Memoirs, Adaptations, Manga, & More

Graphic Fiction and Nonfiction are both significant aspects of being well and widely read. ⁣

They hold a goodness all of their own and are an art form that shouldn’t be missed.

But, like everything, they’re not all created equal. ⁣

Here is a roundup of my personal faves (many of them loved by my children too). ⁣

📚Graphic Novels: ⁣

📖Lightfall Series by Tim Probert (Children’s Fantasy) ⁣

📖Emmie & Friends Series by Terri Libenson (Realistic Middle Grade) ⁣

📖Garlic and Vampire by Bree Paulsen (Children’s Fantasy) ⁣

📖Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier (Middle Grade/Fantasy) ⁣

📖City of Secrets and City of Illusion by Victoria Ying (Middle Grade Adventure, Mystery, Steampunk) ⁣

📖Marshmallow and Jordan by Alina Chau (Children’s Magical Realism) ⁣

📖InvestiGATORS by John Patrick Green (Sheldon fave) ⁣

📚Comics: ⁣

📖Ghost Tree by Bobby Curnow (Horror/Fantasy) ⁣

📖Marvel’s Venom by Robbie Thompson (Teddy Favorite) ⁣

📚Graphic Memoirs: ⁣

📖A Fire Story by Brian Fies ⁣

📖In Waves by A.J. Dungo ⁣

📖And Now I Spill The Family Secrets ⁣

📖The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui ⁣

📖Dancing at the Pity Party by Tyler Feder ⁣

📖Maus by Art Speigelman ⁣

📖Hey, Kiddo by Jarrett J. Krosoczka ⁣

📖Displacement by Lucy Knisley ⁣

📖Kid Gloves by Lucy Knisley ⁣

📚Graphic Nonfiction: ⁣

📖Notes on Gaza by Joe Stacco⁣

📖Bibliophile by Jane Mount⁣

📖Seek You: A Journey Through American Loneliness by Kristen Radtke ⁣

📖Uniquely Japan by Abby Denson⁣

📖Everything is Okay by Debbie Tung ⁣

📖Art Matters by Neil Gaiman⁣

📚Graphic Adaptations: ⁣

📖The Handmaid’s Tale by Renee Nault ⁣

📖Garvey’s Choice by Nikki Grimes⁣

📖Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds⁣

📖The United States Constitution by Jonathan Hennessey ⁣

📖The Lottery by Miles Hyman⁣

📖American Gods by Neil Gaiman⁣

📚Graphic/Illustrated Poetry: ⁣

📖Ain’t Burned All The Bright By Jason Reynolds ⁣

📖How Far You Have Come by Morgan Harper Nichols ⁣

📖One Last Word by Nikki Grimes ⁣

📚Manga: ⁣

📖Orange (Volumes 1-2) by Ichigo Takano (all time favorite 😭) ⁣

📖Demon Slayer Koyoharu Gotouge ⁣

📖Spy X Family by Tatsuya Endo ⁣

📖Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba⁣

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