Preparing and Prepping for a Homeschool Week

Preparing and Prepping for a Homeschool Week 🗓️⁣

🗓️ Procedures ⁣

I know exactly what to do each week to plan for and prepare for my homeschooling week because I’ve created and I follow Planning Procedures. ⁣

There’s no decision fatigue, there’s no guessing game, ⁣
there’s no scrambling. ⁣

I’ve never known another group of people so very prone to insisting upon reinventing the wheel incessantly as a way of avoiding the pulling of the cart and then wondering why they’re so exhausted. 😘⁣

🗓️ Planning System ⁣

I have used the Delightfully Feasting Planning System for close to a decade now and one thing I can confidently say is: ⁣

Systems Work When People Do ⁣

It isn’t magic. ⁣
It works because I follow it. ⁣

There’s a place for everything, everything has a purpose, and I don’t waste my valuable time starting from scratch or fumbling around at the last minute.⁣

🗓️ Planning Perspective ⁣

It isn’t optional. ⁣

I would never show up to any other job without having thoroughly prepared… so I don’t do that when it comes to the education and discipleship of my children either. ⁣

It isn’t an option. ⁣

That perspective alone changes everything. ⁣

🗓️ Organization ⁣

Everything has a place and everything stays within it. ⁣

Planning peacefully can not happen in a chaotic atmosphere, and I refuse to scramble around trying to find things that have been moved from one pile to another. ⁣

🗓️ Staggered Investment ⁣

My weekly planning builds on my term planning which build on my yearly planning. ⁣

🗓️ Here is What This Looks Like Weekly: ⁣

1. Fill Out Review Form for Current Week (I prepare for the next week at the end of the current one) ⁣
2. Pull Out 6 Week Plans and Move Anything Forward That Wasn’t Completed ⁣
3. Check Calendar and Make Any Adjustments Needed⁣
4. Fill Out Weekly Lesson Planner Using 6 Week Lesson Plans⁣
5. Fill in Weekly Organizer as I Go- with anything I still need to copy, find, change, evaluate, request from library, etc⁣
6. Check Supplies and Complete Most Tasks on Weekly Organizer- I might put a few on my weekend To Do List, depending on what they are.⁣

💡 I teach this system in my Peaceful Planning Course. 

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