If Your "Research Comes Primarily From Social Media...You Haven't Done Research"

If you have watched several reels and read several posts on a topic, but you haven't read any books (and articles and reports, etc) then you haven't, in fact, researched the topic.

And if you haven't researched a topic, but you have strong opinions about it, then you're perpetuating our current culture's idea that everyone can be an expert in everything and that the loudest voice in the room gets the last word.

But, friends, the loudest voice is often the most uninformed voice.

The voice that is adamant and certain about their preconceived notions..

The voice that craves confirmation and not challenge...

The voice that lets sound bites dictate their thoughts..

The voice that feels strongly about something that they actually know very little about..

Those aren't the voices that change tides; that bridge divides; that reach across aisles; that have a meaningful and significant impact.

The voices that impact the world are the voices that remain teachable, that are comfortable with challenge, that humanize and honor everyone, that hear everything from every side, and that aren't sent into a tailspin by a perspective that doesn't affirm their own. 

Those voices aren't formed in a vortex of reels and posts that form an algorithm generated echo chamber.

Those voices aren't formed by flitting from one post to another reel to the next person saying exactly what you already think and patting you on the back for thinking it. 

Those voices are formed in the pages of a wide variety of books.

Those voices are formed in a feed curated to offer up opposing perspectives.

Those voices are found in the habit of hearing FROM someone directly if you're going to be hearing what everyone says ABOUT them.

Social Media is a wonderful thing, but it is our responsibility to know what it is and what it isn't.

It can lead us TO research, but it isn't research in itself.

If we're going to be using our voices, it is our duty to make sure our voices are sound, informed, and impactful.

Not just loud and insistent. 


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