Healthy (and Biblical) Motherhood Requires Personal Boundaries


Healthy humanity requires boundaries. ⁣

This, of course, includes our relationships. ⁣

And, our relationships with our children are not an exception. ⁣

Before I go any further, let me clearly state: I believe in (and advocate for) faithful and sacrificial motherhood. Anyone who knows me or has been here for 5 minutes would tell you that I’m a present, invested, faithful mother and that I believe all mothers should be. ⁣

Motherhood is unlike any other relationship in the world, so it can’t have boundaries in precisely the same way as our relationships with our spouses or friends or coworkers or in-laws. ⁣

But it isn’t *entirely* unlike any other relationship; it does have some of the same makeup and the same requirements as other relationships. ⁣

One of those is boundaries. ⁣

Here are a few boundaries I have with my children: ⁣

1️⃣ I’m Allowed to Have a Purpose Outside of Motherhood and Be More Than Your Mom ⁣

I’m an entrepreneur, and I work hard at it. I am not “missing their childhood” by not devoting my every waking moment to it. ⁣

I require respect for my time, my business, and my financial contribution to this family. I’m not “doing my little hobby” and I’m not a vending machine. ⁣

I am a business owner, and I set a boundary preventing being treated like anything less than that. ⁣

2️⃣ I Will Nourish My Mind, Care for My Body, and Invest in Myself ⁣

I am a person, and persons need care and nourishment. ⁣

I will read and study and workout and pursue my own interests and passions. ⁣

I am not apologetic about saying “Please get back to me about that when I’m finished reading” (or lifting or creating or…) ⁣

I set a boundary of being respected as a human being. ⁣

3️⃣ I Have My Own Possessions and They Will Not Be Shared ⁣

Everyone has things that are their own. I’m not an exception.⁣

Sharing is good, and so is respecting the possessions of others. ⁣

My office is my personal space, and it will be respected as such. ⁣

My books, my supplies, and yep, even my snacks, are mine and mine alone. ⁣

Boundaries are necessary not only for protecting my own personhood, but also for teaching my children HOW to be respectful humans.

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