Charlotte Mason Social Media is a Threat to Reading Well


The impact of reading widely and well is marked, tangible, quantifiable, immense, multifaceted, and extremely valuable. ⁣

It fashions our personhood in a way that can’t be replicated in any other way, and by forming us as people, it thereby impacts communities, societies, and the entire world. ⁣

It enlivens our minds. ⁣
It stretches our perspectives. ⁣
It gives us dimension. ⁣
It teaches us how to think.⁣
It deepens our understanding and it increases our capacity for everything good. ⁣

So, when I speak about the ways that Charlotte Mason Social Media impacts reading, I’m not doing it for buzz or sensation. ⁣

I’m doing it because reading well matters. ⁣

And, CM social media is a threat to reading well. ⁣

Over the weekend, I read a book that is a “Christian classic”, oft beloved by readers in this community, and it was one of the worst books I’ve ever read. ⁣

Objectively, it is terribly written. ⁣

I also often observe newer books being read in this community and being reviewed in a way that reveals a lack of understanding about language, writing, and literary quality. ⁣

Now, to be clear, I think personal reading taste is important. We can love books upon a spectrum of quality. We can even love bad books. We contain multitudes. ⁣

But we should KNOW that they’re bad books. ⁣

We should KNOW when a book released this year is a masterful work of art and we should KNOW when a book written 100 years ago is a didactic pile of poorly constructed words. ⁣

If you read “classics” but you don’t appreciate the masterful work of the brilliant minds in our presence today… ⁣

You’re just a reader of classics, not a good reader. ⁣

If you read classics but can’t identify when the writing within them is didactic and clunky or you read new books and can’t identify what they’re doing and why… ⁣

You’re just an “old” reader, not a good one. ⁣

CM social media is crippling our ability to be good readers by convincing us that older is inherently better. ⁣

This community champions reading, and I’m calling us to be accountable to put our reading money where our mouth is and be GOOD readers, not just “CM Readers”. ⁣

There’s a difference. ⁣

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