2024 Spread The Feast Challenge

For the past few years, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading alongside so many of you in the Spread the Feast Challenge. ⁣

The challenge facilitates the communal sharing of ideas while also gently encouraging wider reading with carefully constructed prompts. ⁣

This year, I’ll be hosting a Group Chat here on IG to discuss our challenge reading. ⁣

I’ll also be compiling Spread the Feast Awards at the end of the year for each category, based upon input from chat participants. ⁣

*If you’re participating in the challenge and you’d like to be in the chat, let me know and I’ll add you. ⁣

You can find the Free Challenge Printables in the shop, and you can also find the challenge on StoryGraph. (Message me for the link or search for “Spread the Feast 2024”) ⁣

Here is an explanation of a few of this year’s categories: ⁣

( Let me know if you have further questions about any of these or questions about any other categories.) ⁣

📖 Three Books From Different Vantage Points⁣

These are books that contain differing perspectives or enable you to see the world through different lenses (of time or place or experience). ⁣

📖 A Longlist Book… ⁣

📖 A Shortlist Book⁣

Any books longlisted or shortlisted for any major literary award. ⁣

📖 A Book That Transports You ⁣

A book that takes you to another world, another time, or another place in our world. ⁣

📖 A New Book by an “Auto Buy” Author ⁣

An auto buy author is one that you automatically buy (or borrow) everything from. ⁣

📖 An Elephant Eaten One Bite At a Time ⁣

This is a book that intimidates you for whatever reason that you tackle by reading it incrementally. ⁣

📖 A Slow But Steady ⁣

This book varies from your elephant because it doesn’t have to be an intimidating book but rather is just best taken in slowly. It could be a massive volume of poetry, a book with 365 daily entries, a reference or companion book used alongside a study you’re completing, or a book you want to “close read”. ⁣

📖 A Bookish Serendipity Discovery ⁣

Any book you stumble upon, that “falls into your lap”, that keeps coming onto your radar, or that reaches out to you from the library (or bookstore) shelves.


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