Writing Exam Questions Benefits Me


I've spoken extensively about What Exams Are (and aren't), How to Do Exams, and The Benefits of Exams for Mother, Child, and the Planning Process.

You can find all of this information in two places:

✐Exam Highlight on Instagram (filled with detailed posts)

💻Exam Workshop (filled with detailed instruction, resources, and encouragement)

One of the things Moms struggle most commonly with when it comes to Exams is writing Exam Questions.

Here are my tips for that:

1) Keep a Running List

I have tabs set up on a Trello list for each term of a school year specifically for quickly jotting down Exam Question ideas.

Throughout our term, when something strikes me as having been particularly impactful for my kids or having prompted significant engagement from them, I note that as an exam quesiton. 

2) Start With a Question List

From my Exam Questions Free Printable, you can pull entirely open-ended questios such as:

"Give Me One Example Of..."

"What Was Your Favorite Scene In..." and

"Tell me about your favorite...."

These questions can make up the bulk of your Exams, filled in with what you studied that term.

If your Exam isn't peppered with questions like these, you may want to revisit your understanding of Charlotte Mason Exams.

3) Schedule Time for Writing Exams and Have a Process

This is part of my process as a homeschool mom educating in the way I've chosen to.

It takes scheduled time to do it well, and I think expecting it to come together instantaneously is where many moms struggle.

The process of pulling out all of our books and flipping through the term's material to stir up my own memory and connections in order to write Exam Questions is beneficial for my own culmination of the term.

4) Double Check Your Questions and Motivations

If there are many questions with one right answer or any questions designed to boost your own ego (be honest!!), then go back to the drawing board.

That's not what Exams are for. 

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