My Most Anticipated 2024 Releases

📖 James by Percival Everett

A reimagining of Huckleberry Finn from Jim's point of view is SURE to be an important piece of literature and I can't help but think that only the genius mind of Percival Everett could pull it off.

📖 My Side of The River by Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez

I love memoirs and I feel compelled to hear the stories of immigrants, being from a state that is such a political battleground for immigration. I appreciate being reminded that while my governor plays games and the country wages war on this "issue" that there are actual humans impacted. 

📖 Grief is for People by Sloane Crosley

I've been meaning to read her essays, and this exploration of loss and grief sounds powerful and worthy.

📖 After Annie by Anna Quindlen

She's Anna Quindlen, and that would be enough for me. But this premise also sounds great.

📖 Lightfall Book 3 by Tim Probert

I adore this graphic fantasy series and can't wait for more.

📖 Mercury by Amy Jo Burns

Family drama set in the 90s...sign me up.

📖 The Backyard Bird Chronicles by Amy Tan

I mean...😍

📖 Florida Water by Aja Monet

Her poetry is potent. I thought "My Mother Was a Freedom Fighter" was an important work and I can't wait for more.

📖 Everything is Everything by Clive Myrie

A journalist's memoir...I'm always here for it.

📖 The Secret Lives of Booksellers and Librarians by James Patterson

The premise bought me in, and I might finally find some Patterson to enjoy 😜

📖 Soundtrack of Silence by Matt Hay

There's no way I'm NOT reading a memoir about going deaf and the power of music. I have a feeling this one will wreck me.

📖 Who Owns This Sentence by David Bellos

This is catnip for a writer and a lover of words.

📖 How To Solve Your Own Murder by Kristen Perrin

Billed for fans of "The Thursday Murder Club", which I am. I hope this is just as delightful.

📖 Fourteen Days by The Author's Guild

When so many authors collaborate on a project, I HAVE to see what they come up with.

📖 Real Americans by Rachel Khong

I loved her "Goodbye, Vitamin" and I'm intrigued to see what she does here.

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