Exam Questions: Term 3 2023


I Love Exam Week.

Charlotte Mason Exams are one of the most vivid and beautiful portraits of the essence of a living education that our homeschool contains. 

During Exam Week, we culminate and celebrate and commemorate our pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty over the past term. 

We bring together all that we've learned over 12 weeks and each child shares the ideas that have shaped them and become part of them. 

We celebrate all that we've encountered, discovered, mastered, persevered through, loved, endured, grown our affections for and been nourished by. 

We culminate our pursuit of ideas by drawing connections between them and choosing the best of them to share, narrate, create work inspired by, recite, and record. 

We commemorate twelve weeks of effort, diligence, breeding good tastes, edification, togetherness, pursuit of goodness, awe, wonder, frustration, perseverance, growth, beauty, and nourishment. 

It is truly a wonderful time. 

If you are new to the idea of Exams in a living education, I have written about them in this article, I have an IG highlight discussing them, and my Exams Workshop will walk you through them in depth and in detail. 

Here are all of our Exam Questions for Term 3 of our 2023 school year. 
I have an 8th Grader (T) and a 4th Grader (S).

Both Boys: 
(These are Exams conducted together, but you can see the variation in some of the questions for each. These are conducted together because I draw my children together for communal learning as much as I possibly can, and because one can do drawn narrations while I record oral narrations for the other, or they can wait patiently, and they can learn from each other while listening. This also adds to the ongoing conversation of the ideas we've encountered and the commemoration of them.) 

T: What characteristic of God do you appreciate most in this season, and why? 
S: Tell me about a characteristic of God and how we experience it by knowing Him.  

Group Math-
T: Explain reflection, rotation, and symmetry. 
S: What are some ways that shapes can move? 

Describe the poetry of J. Patrick Lewis; do you like his work; why or why not? 

Composer Study- 
T: How would you describe the Planets Suite as a whole? What insight does it give into the work of Holst?  
S: How would you describe the Planets Suite; do you like it; why or why not? 

T: What is the difference between the mind and the brain, and how does a "growth mindset" occur in each differently?  
S: What is a "growth mindset" and what is happening in the brain when we have one? 

Finish your paper quilled turkey project. 

T: Tell me about the Space Race and moon landings. 
S: Tell me about the exploration of space.  

Illustrate and narrate a scene from Pax. 

Special Studies- 
Choose a planet or another feature of our solar system; draw a diagram and describe. 

Group Language- 
Find an example of a glossary, index, table of contents, title page, and copyright page in a book. Tell me how to use one of these. 
Cultural Studies- 
T: What are some of the world's major religions, and what are some of its minor ones? Why is it important to understand the practices, beliefs, origins, spread, and impact of religions?  
S: Tell me about a religion other than Christianity. 

Folk Songs- 
T: How does Wellerman compare to other Sea Shanties and what does it communicate about the power of music? Illustrate Wellerman's lyrics.  
S: How does Wellerman compare to other Sea Shanties? Illustrate Wellerman's lyrics. 

Choose two skills that are important to being a qualified spy and a) tell me about them b)demonstrate them and c)tell me why they're important. 

Financial Math/Economics- 
T: Tell me about bartering, trade, currency, and supply and demand. 
S: What is barter and trade? 

Modern History- 
T: Tell me about the causes and impact of WWII.  
S: Tell me about the impact of WWII. 

What options do we have when we witness or experience cyber bullying? 

Career Studies- 
T: Choose two space related careers that you are interested in to compare and contrast; which do you believe you'd be better at and why? 
S: Choose a space related career to tell me about; would you be good at this career; why or why not? 

Nature Study-
What type of flora exists in your new yard? 

Picture Study- 
T: Tell me about the distinct types of work in the catalog of Georgia O'Keefe; which do you prefer and why; which do you think influenced modern art most significantly? 
S: Describe the art of Geogia O'Keefe; which work is your favorite and why?  

What is tidiness, why is it important, and how can the habit of tidiness be maintained? 

T: Choose two Presidents to compare and contrast; how did each impact the trajectory of US Politics? 
S: Tell me about a President you find interesting. 

Choose any piece of art and identify its color scheme. Make a replica in a different scheme. 

Tell me something interesting about London.  

Critical Thinking- 
T: What is a stereotype and how it impede good thinking and communication? 
S: What is a stereotype? Why should we avoid them? 

British History-
T: What was the Jazz Age like in Great Britain, and what did this indicate about the country's state? 
S: What was the Jazz Age like in Great Britain? 

T- Compare and contrast two types of fairies. 
S- Tell me about a specific type of fairy. 

T- Why do you think Shakespeare ended Hamlet in the way that he did; what did this communicate? 
S- Tell me about the end of Hamlet. 

Illustrate and tell me about one of the world's unique structures that fascinates you. 

Recite Romans 8:12-17

Teddy (8th Grade) 

1. 8/9-3/6
2. 3/4x 1/2 
3. 99.09-98.29
4. 5.6 x 6.41

Life Skills- 
What types of intelligence are there and why is it important to know the difference? 

Language Arts- 
Tell me about two aspects of fiction and how they are used by authors to craft a story. 

What is the definition of judgement and what does a judgement unite or separate. Give me an example of a judgement and tell me what has been united or separated by this particular judgement. 

Sheldon (4th Grade) 

1. Draw an obtuse angle. 
2. 8:50 is _______ minutes to________. 
3. Shade 4/5 of the circle. 
4. 3/8 is _____ of ______ parts. 
5. If there are 572 boys and 629 girls, how many children are there in total? 

Read aloud a poem of choice.  

Life Skills- 
How can emotions be similar but vary in intensity; give me an example; why is this important? 

Other Exam Week Activities: 
Exam Week Checklists &
Exam Week Interviews 

Display Work for Dad
(The boys are each choosing 5 pieces of work that they are proud of or that they believe showcase the ideas of the term and are sharing those with Dad, narrating them and discussing them.) 

If you want to read through more Exam Week Questions for other grades, I have previously posted our questions for several terms.

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