Resource Roundup: Free Curriculum

Free Resources Roundup 

Here is a roundup of everything I am currently using or plan to use next year that is both completely FREE and also a quality addition to our homeschool. 

*Note: This isn't a roundup of every valuable free thing that I have ever found or used, but rather a collection of the things I currently have an attachment to; I will add to it over time. 


Under the Home: Poetic Forms
I have also previously used several other aspects of this curriculum. 

At Home Middle School: 100 Days of Poetry
Both of these poetry resources will be a part of our Poetic Composition Lessons next year. 

Easy Peasy: Spanish 6

Easy Peasy: Biblical Hebrew

Treasure Hunt Reading
My dyslexic youngest finished this recently, and it was pivotal in his reading journey.

Loops and Tails Handwriting
Cursive and Blackletter 

Anton App


Building Your Future Curriculum from the Actuarial Foundation 

Anton App 
My youngest uses this weekly, and my oldest uses it for remedial practice and review. 

Two Cents Videos 
We are incorporating this during Personal Finance Lessons. 

Minimalist Math

Elementary Geometry
An out-of-print gem that presents geometry in a fun and accessible way.   

NRICH Mathematics
An absolute treasure trove of Math Games of all types. 

Maths Starter Shed
Another plethora of Math Games to explore. 

Hands On Banking  
We actually used this last year, but I left it on the list because we really enjoyed it. 

TD Bank Financial Education Lessons
A few more personal finance lessons that I plan to work in as well. 

Khan Academy
You will see Khan Academy often on this list, for many subjects. Here is a roundup post of all of the ways that I use it. 

Reading Like a Historian

Crash Course Videos 

Other Humanities: 
Little World Wanderers Cultural Units

Landmark Cases
This will be used heavily in our Citizenship Lessons next year. 

Civic Online Reasoning


Khan Academy
My oldest used the Middle School Earth and Space Curriculum this year, and I plan to incorporate some of the High School Curriculum in the future. 

Coral Reef Ecology Curriculum from Living Oceans Foundation 


My boys have used this for years. 

CS Unplugged 
Another one that we finished, and I left on the list because we loved it! 

Digital Citizenship Curriculum from Common Sense Media 
My affection for this curriculum is significant! 

Internet Safety from Khan Academy 


Yet another one that we finished several years ago, but was already in a draft for this list, and I can't remove it because we enjoyed it and it was effective! 

Easy Peasy: Ancient Art Survey

The Art Story
I use this every single term. It is a fantastic resource! 


Easy Peasy: Ancient Music Survey

Sing Solfa

Ken Puls Music: Hymns 

Logic Self Taught 

Mind Over Media Propaganda 
I have already used this with my oldest but plan to repeat as a group, including my youngest.  

CS Lewis Institute

Critical Reasoning Podcasts from University of Oxford 


Growth Mindset from Khan Academy 

Life Skills: 

Easy Peasy: Foundations for my oldest 

Easy Peasy: Social Skills for my youngest 

Career Studies: 
Entrepreneurship from Khan Academy 


The Bible Project 


Seton Hall University Shakespeare Resources
This is where I mine our performance to view for each term's Shakespeare play. 

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