What You Do Most Matters Most

What You Do Most, Matters Most 

After a bad day, make a good evening. 

After the harsh words, apologize. 

After the tears, make things right. 

After a missed lesson, do the next one.

After you get off track, get back on it. 

Don’t let your inability to be perfect keep you from faithfulness. 

Don’t let a less than ideal moment keep you from doing the next right thing. 

Faithfulness, in motherhood and in homeschooling, isn’t made up of perfectly checked boxes and Pinterest wins. 

Faithfulness is not made up of grand gestures and rare moments of glory. 

Faithfulness isn’t what you do *some*times, what you used to do, what you did “that one time” or what you have pictures of you pulling off for an epic moment in the past.

Faithfulness is more gritty, and far less glamorous than all of that. 

Faithfulness is what you do *most* of the time. 

Faithfulness is what remains largely unseen and what you’re seldom lauded for. 

Faithfulness is quiet, steady, and intentional. 

Faithfulness isn’t perfection, and it isn’t lived in the past of your most epic mothering moments or in the future of your soon to be made resolutions or “when things are calmer” or when you reach the next milestone. 

Faithfulness changes with the seasons, but it is for every season. 

Faithfulness is today. 

Faithfulness is made of many moments over many years in which you do what is best and what is right and in which you keep pressing on even when you fall short of your ideal. 

What you do most will matter the most in the sum of it all. You won’t always “get it right”, but every moment that you’re faithful is a moment that matters. 

Don’t grow weary in well doing, Mommas. 

Your imperfect faithfulness truly does matter. 

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