Exam Week Interviews and Checklist

Exam Week Interviews 

1. What is your favorite part of our homeschool week? 

2. What excited you and interested you this term? 

3. How have you grown or been challenged this term? 

4. What is a strength that you are glad that you have, and how can you use it to glorify God? 

5. What is a struggle that you'd like to improve or progress in? How can you do that? 

6. What is something fun you'd like to do during our next term? 

7. How can Mom help you have a rich and successful term 3? 

8. What would you like to learn more about, explore, create, or do during Term 3? 

9. What have you enjoyed more or learned more about than you expected to? 

10. What is something you'd like to remember and something you're looking forward to? 

Exam Week Checklist 

1. Clean Out Desk 
2. Supply Inventory 
3. Clean Out/Restock Treasure Time Drawer
(these are drawers for each child in our Treasure Time Room with items the boys have chosen for keeping their hands busy while I am reading)
4. Clean Out/Restock Independent Morning Baskets 
(each boy gets to throw away books/activities that they are finished with and choose new ones) 
5. Clean Out/Restock "School With Friends" Buckets 
(these are the buckets stocked with supplies for our meetings with friends for homeschool lessons) 
6. Clean Out/Restock Nature Backpack 
7. Explore New Term Books/Art, etc 
(we just spend time perusing the new items for our new term) 
8. Choose Read Alouds/Pictures Books, etc for Evening Basket
9. Pick Out and Purchase 3 New Supplies 
(I take the boys shopping and allow them each to pick out 3 new school supplies for the coming term)  

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