The Dish: A Mother's Review

The Dish: 

A Mother's Review #1

Knowledge of God

"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season, we shall reap, if we faint not."
Galatians 6:9

Sometimes, the "due season" for motherhood seems to be ever escaping us. It can feel sometimes as if all we ever do is faint, and as if what we will never do is reap. Well doing, while homeschooling, can feel more like survival. This reaping that we are promised comes in the form of children who seek God, and who delight in learning for a lifetime. Your well doing includes your planning of lessons, your picking up of toys, your washing of dirty dishes and clothes, and your serving up a delightful feast. It is work that makes one weary, but Jesus promised you rest. Seek and receive that rest, and stay the course, my friends. There are glimpses of your due season all around the arms of a joyful child around your neck, in a lesson enjoyed, in a great narration, in the sweet prayers of a little one, and in the words "read just a little more".
You will reap and you are doing faint not.

Knowledge of the Universe

Our Wonderful World
If you have known me long, then you know that Our Wonderful World is my absolute favorite resource for nature lessons. But, did you know about this Lesson Guide over at Home Hearts? Each lesson in Our Wonderful World has a corresponding list of links (to pictures, videos and more) and ideas (activity suggestions, journal suggestions and more). It is an immense amount of homeschooling help...that corresponds perfectly with Our Wonderful World readings.

Why Our Wonderful World? It's delightful, it's living, and it can be used year after year.

Knowledge of Man

I am teaching on Geography at the upcoming Variety Retreat, and this short little article over at Afterthoughts is one of the most inspiring things I have read while studying and preparing. It will only take a minute to read, and you will surely gain some insight into the depth, and appeal, of this course in the feast.
(Plus, I just love Brandy! You will too!) 

Food for the Mother's Soul

Mothers, Don't Let Your Methods Grow Up to Be Systems
This is my favorite episode of the Schole Sisters podcast, and it is worth your time.
You will be greatly encouraged in this journey of home education, and you will also more deeply know the heart of Charlotte Mason. 

Around the Table  

What is Happening in the Charlotte Mason World?

Over at A Modern Charlotte Mason, there is a sale going on. All Printables are 20% Off. These are beautiful Charlotte Mason quotes...delivered to your inbox for you to print.

They have also released an Early Years Curriculum. It is also on sale.
Check it out!

Something to Chew On

"If we have not proved that a child is born a person with a mind as complete and as beautiful as his beautiful little body, we can at least show that he always has all the mind he requires for his occasions; that is, that his mind is the instrument of his education, and that his education does not produce his mind."  ~ Charlotte Mason

Release yourself from the burden of filling, forming, or fixing your child's mind. He is an image bearer of the one true God, and he was given a mind perfectly fit for all of life's work and learning. You are not about the business of shaping his mind into what it should become, but rather you are about the business of igniting the fire that his mind already is. This task is a much more delightful one than the needless burden we often bear of attempting to playing the role that God already so perfectly fills. Delight in the feast spread before you, and so will your children.


  1. Thank you, Crystin, for reminding me that my children are my ministry in this season. What I pour into them now will help mold them into women and (a) man who see God and beauty in the world He created. Thanks for the tips and resources, also!❤️

    1. With so many Carrie's holding pieces of my heart, it might be hard to guess which one left this wonderful encouragement... except for that you're molding the character of future women and (a) man of God. ;) <3

      Thank you for always encouraging me in this journey! And, I am glad you like The Dish.

  2. "You are not about the business of shaping his mind into what it should become, but rather you are about the business of igniting the fire that his mind already is." Wow. This really spoke to me. I need to write this down and post it all around my house! Thank you for your encouragement. You are such an immense blessing.

    1. As are you. <3
      I think we could all use a reminder not to "shape their minds" as much as igniting the fire. It's so natural to want to do more shaping than igniting!