Living Lesson Plans

Living Lesson Plans

Lesson Planning Services 

My goal is to equip each homeschool to have delightful days feasting on all that God provided for us not only to learn, but to intensely love to learn. Life long learners, with a wide knowledge of the world, man, and God is the goal in every Charlotte Mason home, and I have made it my life's work to guide homescooling mothers out of their comfort zones and into days of delight.....
This is the heart behind my Charlotte Mason Consultations

It is also the heart behind my Living Lesson Planning Services. A consultation provides you with a customized schedule and book list for your Charlotte Mason year. Sometimes, however, planning can still be a task that you do not delight in. That is where I come in. 

I take your plan, from your Delightfully Feasting Consultation and plan your days for you....
freeing you to delight in every course of the living education you are providing for your children. 

Living Lesson Plan Pricing:

Lesson Plans

One Week: $6
Six Weeks: $25

Treasure Time Plans:
One Term (12 Weeks): $30 
One Year: $55

Tea Time Plans:

One Term (12 Weeks): $25
One Year: $50 

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  1. This is an amazing offer! Compared to other year long curriculums out there, this is extremely affordable. And what's even better is that it equips the buyer to create her own lesson plans thereafter, rather than having to purchase a new set or planned curriculum every year. I am getting the hang of planning like a seasoned CM homeschooling mom, but I'm still interested in this!


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