Exam Questions: 2022, Term 1

I Love Exam Week.

Charlotte Mason Exams are one of the most vivid and beautiful portraits of the essence of a living education that our homeschool contains. 

During Exam Week, we culminate and celebrate and commemorate our pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty over the past term. 

We bring together all that we've learned over 12 weeks and each child shares the ideas that have shaped them and become part of them. 

We celebrate all that we've encountered, discovered, mastered, persevered through, loved, endured, grown our affections for and been nourished by. 

We culminate our pursuit of ideas by drawing connections between them and choosing the best of them to share, narrate, create work inspired by, recite, and record. 

We commemorate twelve weeks of effort, diligence, breeding good tastes, edification, togetherness, pursuit of goodness, awe, wonder, frustration, perseverance, growth, beauty, and nourishment. 

It is truly a wonderful time. 

If you are new to the idea of Exams in a living education, I have written about them in this article, I have an IG highlight discussing them, and my Exams Workshop will walk you through them in depth and in detail. 

Here are all of our Exam Questions for Term 1 of our 2022 school year. 
I have a 7th Grader and a 3rd Grader. 

Both Boys: 
(These are Exams conducted together, but you can see the variation in some of the questions for each. These are conducted together because I draw my children together for communal learning as much as I possibly can, and because one can do drawn narrations while I record oral narrations for the other, or they can wait patiently, and they can learn from each other while listening. This also adds to the ongoing conversation of the ideas we've encountered and the commemoration of them.) 

Group Math-
T: Draw an obtuse, an acute, and a right angle and measure each ray. 
Draw a line and bisect it. 

S: Draw some angles. 
Draw a line and find the middle 

How would you describe the poetry of NM Bodecker? 

Picture Study- 
T: What kind of artist was Picasso, why do you think he is influential, and do you like his work?
Why or why not?

S: What kind of artist was Picasso and do you like his work; why or why not? 

Draw a comic book narration of The Bears on Hemlock Mountain? 

Special Studies- 
Choose an endangered animal and illustrate what you know about it, its threats and status, and how efforts can be made/are being made for conservation of it. 

Create a work of art that shows what you've learned and practiced this term. 

Hand Clapping- 
Show me a ryhme you've learned or some various clappping moves/hand positions. 

Write and illustrate a set of code that would operate a simple game. 

Nature Study- 
How has the natural world changed since we started exploring the woods at Jack Brooks? 

T: Draw a depiction of your favorite figure from Norse mythology and tell me how he fits into the mythological narrative. 

S: Draw your favorite figure from Norse mythology and tell me why he's your favorite. 

Natural History- 
T: What did you learn about feathers? 

S: What is interesting about feathers? 

T: Illustrate architectural features of barns and tell me why they were significant. 

S: Illustrate an architectural feature of barns. 

Ancient History- 
Tell me about the first Olympics. 

Use your Notes Book to illustrate the use of notes and rhythm. 

Career Studies- 
Tell me about some different types of chefs. 

Illustrate a scene from Swan Lake. 

Composer Study- 
T: How would you describe the impact of Bach's music, his style, and how his life is displayed in his work? 

S: How would you describe the music of Bach? 

Make an illustrated manners chart displaying proper etiquette for formal meals, casual meals, and troublesome foods. 

Emotional Intelligence- 
T: Choose an emotion and tell me what it is, why it is important to understand, how it reflects God's image, and how we can use it well. 

S: Choose and emotion and tell me what it is and how we can use it in the way that we should. 

Complete your Embroidery project. 

Recite Hamlet's Soliloquy 

Memory Work- 
Say Romans 8:1-10 

Create a Swedish Drill sequence and lead us in it. 
Create a yoga routine and lead us in it. 

Teddy (7th Grade) 

What kinds of questions does bibliology answer and why is it important to study? 

Choose a word-of-the-day from this term to define and illustrate. Then, give me some examples of ways it can be used and some synonyms of it. 

Show me some cursive strokes you've learned this term and some words that make use of them. 

Choose anything to read aloud. 

3 Fraction Addition Problems 
3 Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers Problems 

What questions does Shakespeare have Hamlet wrestle with and how does he form the reader's relationship with him? 

Cultural Studies- 
Tell me how the Muslim faith is practiced and how it impacts the lives of its followers. How can we remain respectful of it while also sharing Christ? 

Write an exclamatory, declarative, imperative, and interrogative sentence with correct punctuation. 

Type any two sentences for time, with no errors. 

What are some ways that we can illogically avoid the question in an argument and why is it important to avoid doing so and to be able to recognize when others are doing it? 

Music History- 
Tell me about some of the people that bring an opera to life. 

Language Arts- 
What is theme in literature, how is it used, and why is it important to the reader? 

Computer Science- 
Choose an area of computer science to tell me about in depth. 
What does a computer scientist do? 

How are the cells of plants and the cells of animals different and why is it important to understand how life of all kind functions? 

What is one system of analyzing and understanding personality and how can understanding your own personality impact the way that you live and serve others? 

Political Science- 
What are some components of the Executive Branch and how is the power of this branch checked and balanced? 

Current Events- 
Why is it important to read news from multiple sources and to have the capacity to identify bias?
Why is it challenging to do so? 

Sheldon (3rd Grade) 

What is something Jesus said that helps us to understand who He is? 

Choose a word-of-the-day for this term to define and illustrate. 

Write the following words with perfect formation and placement on the line. 
(truth, peace, explore, Texas) 

Choose anything to read aloud. 

Complete an array. 
Create a chart displaying the following data. (5 dogs, 3 cats, 2 hamsters, 1 fish) 
Write 5,432 in expanded form. 

What kind of person is Hamlet? 

Tell me something you learned about the Muslim faith. 

Add -ing to these words. (make, jump, be, take, go) 
Match the following words to create compound words. 

Computer Science- 
What is the difference between a computer's hardware and its software? 
What does a computer scientist do?

How are plants and animals different and how are they the same? 

Other Exam Week Activities: 
Exam Week Checklists &
Exam Week Interviews 

Display Work for Dad
(The boys are each choosing 5 pieces of work that they are proud of or that they believe showcase the ideas of the term and are sharing those with Dad, narrating them and discussing them.) 

If you want to read through more Exam Week Questions for other grades, I have previously posted our questions for several terms.

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