Resource Roundup: Citizenship

Citizenship Resources
Here is a roundup of some of my favorite resources for Citizenship Lessons. Included are links to the books I presented in my Digital Session (recording available for purchase) on Citizenship and Plutarch. As such, this is not a comprehensive list, but rather a sampling of examples of resources for Civics, Cultural Studies, and Plutarch. Enjoy! 

Cultural Studies 

Approach 1: Missionary Stories
Missionary Stories With the Millers 

Approach 2: Country-by-Country 
Colors of....Series (I am not sure why this book is currently so expensive. It is a picture book- so watch for it at resale shops, or search other online book sellers instead of purchasing from Amazon) 
Look What Came From...Series 
Bobbie Kalman Books 

Approach 3:Spine Books: 
Children of Many Lands  (worth every penny!) 
Children of the World 
The Travel Book 

Approach 4: Focused on Product or Historical Aspect 
Biography of...Series 
Wonderful Houses Around the World
Around the World Series

Approach 5: Tales (or Poetry) by Region or Country 
Adelita and The Persian Cinderella (same tale, different regions or countries) 
The Adventures of a Spider 
Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain 
Grandfather Tang's Story 
Native American Legends Series 
A Pot O' Gold 
(Tales given as examples of the countless books and options for making Tales the focus of your Cultural Studies- reading Tales from a region and then exploring the culture of the region and people) 

Approach 6: Photography of Peter Menzel 
Material World 
Hungry Planet 
Man Eating Bugs 

Basic American Civics (in context of History): 
Capital and Liberty by Lynn Curlee 
The Pledge of Allegiance and American the Beautiful 
The Flag We Love by Pam Munoz Ryan 
The Star Spangled Banner by Peter Spier 
(Picture books given as examples of variety of ways that simple Civics lessons can be worked into study of History- occasionally taking the place in the school week of Cultural Studies) 

Formal Civics

Presidential Elections, The US Constitution and You, and others by Syl Sobel 
Painless American Government 
Uncle Sam and You by Notgrass 
Exploring Government by Notgrass 
Tuttle Twins Series
Uncle Eric Series by Richard Maybury
(all books given as examples of ways to present Civics formally- in Middle and High school and only AFTER much exposure to Cultural Studies and contextual basic civics ideas) 

High School History/Civics Readers: 
1776, John Adams and others by David McCullough 
Thomas Jefferson Revolutionary by Kevin Gutzman
Thomas Jefferson President and Philosopher by Jon Meacham 
(these two books given as an example of reading multiple authors on the same topic or person) 
The Real Revolution 
(These books given as example of reading widely, reading biography, the connection between history and citizenship, and encountering multiple perspectives). 

Stories from the History of Rome or Public Domain
The Children's Plutarch Greeks and The Children's Plutarch Romans or Public Domain
Plutarch's Lives for Boys and Girls by W.H. Weston 
Our Young Folk's Plutarch by Rosalie Kaufman 
The Plutarch Primer and The Plutarch Project by Anne White 
Anne White's Guides free on Ambleside

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