The Dish: A Mother's Review #8

The Dish: 

A Mother's Review #8

Knowledge of God

"“He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

Trust the process, Momma. It is a new school year for many, with everything feeling fresh and a sense of "beginning again" in every homeschooling heart. Don't fall prey to the temptation to base your expectations upon your perfectly pretty schedule, your well laid lesson plans, and your much pondered routines. Instead, base your expectations (now, and once the "newness" wears off), on what God is doing that you simply can never do. You are facilitating learning, and you are trusting God to make something of all of your less than perfect efforts. Trust the process, because it will bear fruit. Now, later, and many years in the future, you will see the results of spreading a feast of truth, goodness, and beauty. Those results will not come because you know how to make a planner look like a work of art, or because you pored over your schedule for hours until it was "just right". Those results will come because you have been faithful, imperfectly so, with the born persons that you've been entrusted with. Trust the process, Momma, and trust the Lord. He truly does make all things beautiful in their (perfect) time, and you truly can never imagine the work that He is doing.

Knowledge of the Universe

Jean Craighead George "One Day" Series 
Jean Craighead George is the author of My Side of the Mountain , On the Far Side of the Mountain,  and Frightful's Mountain; a trilogy of wonderful, must-read books about survival, tenacity, nature, and the growing of character. 
(She is also the author of many of wonderful books. Here is her amazon author page.)

I recently discovered that she has this great little series of "One Day in..." Books, and I can not wait to read them. They make perfect Nature Lore, or books for Natural History Lessons.  
Here are links to some of them:
One Day in the Tropical Rainforest 
One Day in the Desert 
One Day in the Woods 

Knowledge of Man

Morning Exercises for All the Year
I just love the public domain for books! I recently discovered:
Morning Exercises for All the Year, and just simply fell in love!

 It is just what it sounds like: a morning exercise for every day of the "school year" (so it doesn't include the summer months. These "exercises" are simply stories, poems, scriptures, etc that apply to the current day, month, season, holiday, etc.  We are now using this to open our morning lessons. It takes no longer than 5 minutes, and it a rich start to the day. For Labor Day, we read a bit about the history of the holiday and it's origins, and then read one of the suggested poems. It is perfect for Treasure Time, or any time that you pull all of your children together. It truly is lovely. 

You can click the link above to print it for free, in a variety of formats.  
If you'd rather save time, here is a reprinted version that you can purchase.

Food for the Mother's Soul

Charlotte Mason and the Apple Unit Study
This is such a great, informative, thought provoking read that serves as a reminder of the difference between "connections" and "relations". I love being reminded of why we "trust the method" with a Charlotte Mason education and why we don't attempt to form or force connections FOR our children, rather we spread a wide feast and let THEM discover relations, all on their own.

Around the Table  

What is Happening in the Charlotte Mason World?

Did you see the information for the Charlotte Mason: Through the Years retreat?
Whether you live near or far (southeast Texas, Houston area), we would love to have you join us for another day of learning how to spread the feast of a living education; this time for YOURSELF, as a mother. We will be learning all about schole, Mother Culture, Commonplacing, and engaging in each of those things together.  We will also be having a Tea Luncheon, providing you the opportunity to truly relax and refill your cup! We think you'd find it worth a drive, and for only $25 for a full day of schole and learning, the price simply can't be beat!

You can register here.

Something to Chew On

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"But it would be well if we could hinder in our children's minds the rise of a wall of separation between things sacred and things so-called secular, by making them feel that all 'sound learning' as well as all 'religious instruction' falls within the office of God, the Holy Spirit, the supreme educator of all mankind." ~Charlotte Mason

When you feel like less than enough, remember that this home education thing isn't in your hands. It is in the hands of the Teacher of all mankind, and He is more than enough. You may not always measure up, but He never fails. Keep having the courage to be faithful, and keep having the grace to forgive your shortcomings and look to the One who never falls short.

May All Your Days Be Spent.....Delightfully Feasting
Crystin <3


  1. Very encouraging and excellent resources listed. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for saying so! It is my hope to give even a fraction of the encouragement that I personally need....which is a LOT!! ;)
      <3 <3


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